"Blues For The Soul"

Mighty Sam McClain is back with more of his "sledge hammer soul and down home blues" on the new "Blues For The Soul" on the Telarc label. This recording features 12 new originals by Mighty Sam. Right from the opening track, "All We Need Is Love", Mighty Sam shows why he is considered one of the finest soul singers alive. His sound is inspired by and is reminiscent of the great Bobby "Blue" Bland (he even recorded a live album in Japan with Bland's great guitarist, Wayne Bennett in 1986.) Sam's favourite song on this new album, "Dark Side Of The Street" has a smoky R&B groove with punchy accents by the excellent Mighty Horns. Trumpeter Walter Platt contributes some truly outstanding horn arrangements throughout. Mighty Sam's regular touring band is featured as Sam is very particular about getting his music "right" and they are very good, indeed! The ever dependable Bruce Katz is added on keyboards and Joe Casano lends a second trumpet to the Mighty Horns for this recording. The emphasis here is on Mighty Sam's positive message and a tight ensemble sound but guitarist Kevin Belz has a few shining moments, particularly on the modern, upbeat "rock/soul/blues" of "Can't Stand It" with it's electric wah-wah guitars, fine trombone solo by Kenny Wenzel and slick arrangement!
As Sam admits "My music is more than just entertainment, it's a message here too....You have to be careful about how you write, because some people get offended if you talk too much about God. But I don't care too much about that. I don't want to be put into a category - gospel or whatever. I think the truth is the gospel. I'm a very spiritual person...."
I recommend that you find this CD to hear from the "New Man In Town".
Also check out Mighty Sam's "Soul Survivor" The Best of Mighty Sam McClain on the Audioquest label.


Indigenous is the real deal ! With stylistic roots reaching back to America's earliest form, the Blues, they trace their personal roots back even further. Members of the Lakota Nation, this family of musicians (3 brothers and 1 sister), Mato Nanji on incredible guitars and vocals, Wanbdi on drums and vocals, Pte on bass and vocals and Horse adding percussion and congas. Indigenous has been playing together for as long as they can remember yet all of them are still only in their early twenties. Indigenous plays with the skill and tested fire of significantly older souls. "Holdin' Out" sounds almost like a long lost Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan track, You Have Got To Check This Band Out !!!

Indigenous LIVE At Pachyderm Studio 1998

Indigenous is back with a LIVE album that inexplicably rocks even harder than their debut ! These nine tracks were part of a radio program that was recorded before a (very lucky) small audience in the Pachyderm studios in September 1998. The group dispenses with the acoustic guitar on this one and simply roars through "Holdin' Out", "Blues This Morning", "Begin To Wonder", "Don't Take Your Time", and "Bring Back That Day" from the "Things We Do" CD. "I Wonder Why" and "Water" are the only two new original songs here but their version of "Red House" alone is well worth the price of this CD. The entire two hour program is available on line @ Indigenous Rocks but I still heartily recommend that you not just walk but RUN over to your favorite (and closest) CD store to buy this!
I like Mato Nanji and Indigenous more every time I listen to them ! For hardcore fans, there is also a Special Limited-Edition" Blues Radio CD-EP which reprises "Blues This Morning" and "What's Goin' On" from their debut release-"Things We Do" and includes two of the previously unreleased songs from the "Live at Pachyderm Studios" sessions - "Million Miles" and "Talk To Me Baby" (featuring some cool slide guitar ala Elmore James from Mato ! The live versions of "Holdin' Out" and "Red House" found on the new release also appear here as unlisted "Bonus Tracks".

"Indigenous is someone America and the world should hear." - B.B. King - October 3, 1999

Indigenous "Circle"

The second studio album by Indigenous was released by Pachyderm Records on May 9th. This recording was produced and arranged by Doyle Bramhall and keyboards are added to the mix throughout. Some truly transcendent moments here include the lone instrumental "Evolution Revolution" featuring Mato Nanji trading licks with Doyle Bramhall II, "Rest Of My Days" which borrows the riff from Living Colour's "Love Rears It's Ugly Head" and Mato playing some mean slide guitar on "Can't Keep Me From You". This is another strong outing by Indigenous and once again, I highly recommend it !!!

We were saddened to learn of the untimely death of Bruce Cameron on October 16, 1999. His "Midnight Daydream" CD, which reunited Buddy Miles and Billy Cox, the legendary Band of Gypsys) and also features contributions from Mitch Mitchell, Jack Bruce and many others had just been released to critical acclaim in September by Brain Cell records. Read the "Official Statement" here

Tendure's Dream

The trio Tendure's Dream (Tendure/guitar and vocals, Mitch Mitchell/drums, and Billy Cox/bass) released a CD titled "It's Your Life" (EMC Records 1099, U.S.A.) on October 25, 1999. According to a press release, "Tendure is a prodigy musician who began on the guitar at age five, started classical piano at age seven and came under the tutelage of Billy Cox at age sixteen." This CD will be of interest to Jimi Hendrix fans because of the participation by his 1970 "Cry of Love" tour band.

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