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Mothers With Angels

Poems Page 11
Written by our MWA Mothers
and used with permission.

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To Our Son

Our life changed that day we found out you were there
Beginning your life, so small unaware
What would you be like
Would we know what to do
Would we be good parents
And take care of you
We prayed only good things would happen for you
That you’d be successful in all that you do
You would find happiness, love and respect
A life rich and full without any regrets
But life was stopped short
It was you time to leave
The angels arrived, but
In our hearts we believe
You’re safe and secure
Without worry or care
Know your family’s protected
We will always be there
Chad, your life was a challenge
Yet, we knew you’d be great
Every night we thanked God
That He could create
Someone so special
Like there was no other
We’ll love you forever...
Your Father and Mother
(In Loving Memory
Chad Martin Mills
by Jo Mills)

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I feel like I' ve just existed
And now it's been a year
I don't know how I' ve lived and breathed
Without you being here.
I know you lived your lifetime
As short as that seems to me,
But the pain in my heart is still so great,
Yet I know your spirit is free.
At times I think I hear you
The thoughts come to my mind.
I struggle for the sound of your voice,
But your voice I cannot find.
Yet you come to me in many ways
So I know you did not die,
You want to tell me that you' re close,
And to please stop asking Why.
Our lives on earth seem all too brief,
Or brief as it seems to me.
But where you are is forever,
GOD calls that Eternity !
(By Joy Curnutt, In Memory of Jason 11/26/74 - 4/11/99)

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Come follow the Double Rainbows, Mama,
they will bring you right to me.

You should have known I’d never leave you, Mama,
without something beautiful to see.

I followed those Double Rainbows to my son,
lifeless, swollen and bruised. I was empty, tired
and heartbroken, lost, angry and confused.

As I drove in through those Double Rainbows, I tried
to push back the tears. While my mind searched through
my memories, my heart thought of the years; from your
tiny newborn face, to your grown up
worries and fears.

Why was God being so cruel?
Why was God being so unkind?
I knew in my heart that answer
I desperately needed to find.

Please don’t be angry with God Mama, you see
He took me by the hand. He never let me feel pain
or suffer, He never even let me land.

The only thing that comforted me, was the lightning and
the thunder, and those beautiful Double Rainbows
we always seemed to stay right under.
Something inside told me, with every crack
of the thunder, this had to be a message from my son,
My love, My little wonder.

Yes, it was me who sent the rainbows Mama, so that all of you
could see, just how beautiful it is in heaven, with God,
and that I was happy and my soul was free.

Now every time you see Rainbows Mama, you will always
be close to me. I’m waiting for those who loved me Mama,
so that we can always be happy in heaven with God,
For all eternity.
(Written by Nickie Ireland and Trey Hughes)

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I Know You'll Be Waiting For Us In The Sky

Tammy, I know that you are at peace,
It helps so much to set our hearts at ease.
We loved you more than anyone could know,
It hurt us so bad to have to let you go
But i know God knows what's best
That's why he put our baby to rest.
We cry and think of you every day
It just doesn't seem fair for God to take you away.
I'm trying to find comfort in all of my grief
And it does help knowing you've found great relief,
For now you are free from all suffering and pain,
So our great loss, became your great gain.
But we know babe, you are safe in God's land above,
Where there is nothing but peace and love.
We know that some day we all have to die,
It makes us so happy,
knowing you'll be waiting for us in the sky.
Jesus Loves You And So Do We
Love, Mom and Dad
In Loving Memory of Tammy Whitaker
who died Nov.19,1986 born Sept.1,1969.

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In Memory of My Son Todd

Please, don't ask me if I'm over it yet
I'll never get over it
Please, dont tell me he's in a better place
He's not here with me
Please, don't say at least he isn't suffering
I haven't come to terms with why he had to suffer at all
Please, don't tell me you know how I feel
Unless you have lost a child
Please, don't ask me if I feel better
Bereavment isn't a condition that clears up
Please, don't tell me you had him for so many years
What year would you chose for your child to die?
Please, don't tell me God never gives more than we can bear
Please, just say you are sorry
Please, just say you remember my chld
Please, just let me talk about my child
Please mention my child's name
Please, just let me cry.
(In Memory of Donovan Todd Hunsaker
sent to his Mother, Kay
Contributed By A Friend.)

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A Mother's Tears, A Child's Life

I feel so empty without our son.
To comfort me when I am sad.
He was always quiet, when I didn't feel well.
He received his wings early.
His laughter always brought a smile to my face.
I played with Lil Dan and
I held him so very tight.
If I put him down for a minute, he would scream.
He always clung to me and Dan,
for somehow he knew that he wouldn't
be here for very long.
He didn't crawl, he only crept.
He's our angel now.
I haven't gotten over the shock,
I guess I never will.
Whenever I see his pictures,
tears roll down my face, endless tears.
In my heart and mind
Lil Dan will always be.
He was eight months old when God took our son.
(Annette V. Holzknecht)

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The Father Below

Dancing butterfly
Delicate and free
Carry this prayer to
The highest tree
A prayer of love
So that my son might know
His Father above and
His father below

Blackbird’s brother
Heart on wing
Carry this prayer to
The King of Kings
Lift to the clouds these
Words of love
From the father below to
The son above

Lord of Lords and
King of Kings
Accept this prayer of
Cloud and wings
And send a sign so that
I might know
That the son above loves
The father below.
(Derek Rempfer)

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"My Sunshine"
With you I bury my hopes and
dreams for all the days we'll never see.
But I also bury the love in my heart
and the sadness of knowing
that we must part.

And I pray to God to do for you
all the things I would like to do.
And to keep my baby safe from harm,
to laugh and frolic in springtime's arms.

For now, everytime I see the sun,
I watch you smile as you run.
Laughing, smiling, running, playing
.... missing you.
Momma loves you baby
(something I said to her every night)
(Gayla Hansen)

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To Heather:

Did you get your blue eyes
from the heavenly skies
And did an Angel give you that smile?
Did God fill you with grace
and heavenly ways and
loan you to us for awhile?

Now as we question,
were you sent with a lesson?
of things we're always forgetting to do,
Like praying and caring, loving and
sharing? Knowing how,
but too tired and to busy to.

In our loss and grief
we search for relief,
of the pain of your being gone,
but the one who sent you
must really have missed you,
For now you live at his throne.

You look at us here,
far off but still dear
Are we, to whom you were allowed
You smile our way,
and as we retire from our day
you softly sleep on a cloud.

Do we now see how life really should be
or are we still bogged down busy
and bowed and reaching with greed
for things we don't need
When, God willing, like you,
we'll sleep on a cloud
Hugs and Kisses,
(Jackie Sue Key)

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Love to Jackie Sue

We don't know why the Lily blooms
so briefly in the warmth of
the sunlights' kiss upon its face
Too soon it folds its fragrance in
and bids the world goodnight to rest
its beauty in a gentler place.

But, we know our loved one
will never leave- she who loved,
smiled and gladdened our hearts.
She will live in our memories
all of our lives and in all of
the things of which she's been a part.

We ever long to hear her voice,
feel her touch, and see her face.

So we try to stop crying,
and tell ourselves, that,
like the Lily, she rests her beauty
in a gentler place.

I cried the day she was born,
A voice from somewhere came to warn
Of she'd have so far to go...
Because she's Thursday's Child, you know.

I thought that meant she'd have a long life.
And doesn't everyone have lots of strife?
But I'd be there all the while...
To pave the way for Thursday's Child.

But in my heart I think I knew,
There's only so much that love can do.
'Cause when her life became a trial...
I could not shelter Thursday's Child.

A golden girl she grew to be.
And all who knew her loved to see.
Merry blue eyes and, oh, that smile...
That God bestowed on Thursday's Child.

All through the years her life was hard,
But she was cheerful, though, often tired.
When the pain came, she kept the smile...
You'd never have known she was
Thursday's Child.

Her life was short, but even so.
She had so very far to go.
Then God reached out and brought relief...
Now Thursday's Child has gone to sleep.
(Jackie Sue Key)

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My Grandmother

Here I stand, once again, facing a lost
I don't understand.
She gave so much to all she loved,
never thinking of herself,
just you and me and the lord above.

She helped my lay my daughter to rest,
always assuring me the angels knew best.
Then she helped my lay,
Her daughter to rest - my mother
And I assured her, the angels knew best.

Now the angels have come and
I feel I have failed,
So much to say to her, so much to tell.
I tried my best, not to let her go.
As I held her in my arms
I saw the angles glow.

And as I stared into her eyes,
I pray she knew, all I wanted
to say and the things I felt
I needed to do.

I'll miss her strength, and knowledge,
she taught me so much.
I'll miss you Grandmother,
I love you so much!

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A million times, I've asked, "Why, God?"
A million times, I've cried.
A million times, I've wished you home.
A million times, my pain to hide, I've tried.
It's hard for me, a mortal being,
to understand that Our Heavenly Father
loves my precious children even
more than I do. Yet, I know He does.

As incredibly difficult as this
journey has been for me,
I know I could never have survived
this pain without My Lord and Savior.

He's been my primary solace for my grief.
I know He understands!
I thank God constantly that He loves us
so much that He gave His Only Begotten Son
so that we could have ETERNAL LIFE
with Him, forever...

My child is not "dead".
He is only "away" with Jesus.
When my time here is finished
and all my work is done,
I shall be with him again,
in God's time frame, not mine!

Mary Catherine Jones

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You came into the world one day
a few short years ago
We wrapped you up in arms of love
and you began to grow.
You learned to walk, and then to talk
when you were very small
We watched you dazzle with a smile
you gave to one and all.
You learned to care 'bout others
and often showed them how
We saw with joy and pride so great
and often remember now.
You worked so hard at your books
because they were so tough
We tried to help you as we could
and hoped it was enough.
You treasured every single friend
be they young or old
We could not help but think
you had a pot of gold.
You filled the world with sunshine
a bright and shining light
We held you high for all to see
and knew that you were right.
You left one snowy day in March
when you were just half grown
We knew God sent an angel down
to take you to his home.
You could not be forgotten son
as if we'd ever try
We try to see the love you left
even as we cry.
You wait for us with God we know
for us to join you there
We live our sadder lives on Earth
and find you everywhere.
Jamie (Mom 8/30/99)

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'My Children Are In The Other Room'

My children are in the next room,
but I can't get to that
room till I am allowed.
But whoever is taking care
of my children is the best
babysitter ever, so at least
I don't have to worry too much.

I miss being able to go into that room.
But, sometimes I can hear
my children giggling and speaking,
barely though, and I have to
tilt my head just so,
and then I smile with a warm heart
from the sound of my children's voices,
knowing that my children
are having fun where they are,
till I get to go into the room
after I have finished
my work for the Lord.

written by: Sherri (Shreela)
Mother of Children Of Heaven
Joseph, William, & Julissa

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A Mother's Tears

I have filled an ocean with tears.
Salty and bitter, they flow from my soul.
All the grief, all the pain
All the sadness, all the fears.

All the hurt, all the whys.
All the could haves, all the loss.
All the regrets, all the lost chances.
All the wants, all the goodbyes.

I have filled an ocean with tears.
Sweet and soft, they flow from my soul.
All the joy, all the laughter
All the love, all of the years.

All the rewards, all the smiles.
All the triumphs, all the hellos.
All that was right and all that was good.
All the kisses and hugs from my child.

I have filled an ocean with tears.
Salty and bitter, sweet and soft.
For love, for sadness, for joy, for pain.
I have filled an ocean with tears.

(used with permission from Karen McCombs)
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Newspaper Interview

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The memories we hold deep within our heart,
can bring us joy, or tear us apart.
They surface when we're lonely, they make us cry,
As we sort through painful memories, of days gone by.
They can cause such sadness and heartache too,
We even wonder at times if we'll make it through.

The memories are our past, we never let them go,
They are also our future to help us grow.
Memories within the heart, always stay,
But given time, the pain, will go away.

Give yourself the time, for when heartache is real
You need to grieve before wounds can heal.
Then you can look back, once in awhile,
And memories will be there to remember with a smile.

They'll bring you comfort, there'll be no more pain,
And your heart will be love again.
(Copyright © 1998, Linda's Loft,
All Rights Reserved, Used with permission)

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My Precious Little Baby Boy

The day you came was a marvelous Day
I didn't know you'd soon go away.
By myself, I picked out your name
I wanted one that wouldn't make you ashamed

Daddy was far far away, that wonderful day
And the doctors came to say we should pray,
For our precious little package of Joy
Our second son, Our precious baby boy

They said we wouldn't have you for long
Oh but that couldn't be true,
because you were like a new song
Of Joy and love and newness from above
We new we couldn't lose this child that we loved..

Doctor after doctor shook their head in dismay
But doctor, doctor we really have prayed
Our little Scottie, you grew tired and weary
Mommy's and Daddy's eyes grew so teary

Oh Lord you came to take our baby back to you
Was there anything, anything, that we could do?
But HE in HIS mercy and very great Grace
Lovingly Took you, back to Your original Place

We only had you for such a short while
But Little Scottie, how you made MaMa smile
I will never forget, your big blue eyes,
Curly blonde hair, and soft baby cries.

You were ever so brave for such a little guy
Mommy never even got to say good-bye
But one thing I know and truely believe
That you are sitting right by our Savior's knee

There is no doubt, and that is for sure
I will see your again, while this world we endure
Once again to be united way above
Wraped in the Arms of our Savior's Love
(Constance Sue)

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