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You *Can* and *Will* Recover. . .

May your day be filled with the blessings and joys of all the ages.
May you conquer your every fear in this day by being filled
with the love that is Eternal.
May you smile more and bring more smiles
to those you meet and greet on this day.
May happiness permeate your being and
may you glow in your own glorious radiance
that is God.
Remember that we are all connected together
and that what you think is what shall be
and in so doing
may you think more and more positive thoughts
with each and every passing day.

As it harmeth none, blessed be.

Gratitude, happiness, strength and love.
May courage of heart, clarity of mind, and
peace of spirit be with you
now and always, my friend.

~ Shawn Pyle ~

* * * * * * *

Leaving a cult isn't as easy as just sleeping late on Sunday mornings and deciding not to go to church. I, personally, was very surprised at some of the very unpleasant psychological effects of leaving Eckankar.

One thing that helped was discovering information on the internet which helped me to realize that what I was experiencing wasn't unusual. I've listed some helpful links below.

And it helped to know that I wasn't alone. Other former cult members reassured me that yes, I'd be fine and recover.

To be honest, I wished I'd known ahead of time what to expect. On the other hand, experiencing it first, without outside influences, certainly convinced me that it was "real" and not just imagination.

I, and thousands of other ex-eckists, have gotten through it. You will, too.



* * * * * * *


A Letter From a Staff Member at the American Family Federation:

It's pretty much universal when it comes to cult involvement. Everyone thinks no one else will understand - if you ever attend an ex-member workshop - you will be totally amazed that people involved in psychologically controlling groups all have the same experiences - different but the same.
My daughter was in a Bible-based group for five years - got out last year - and has the same psychological problems as a person who has been in TM or new age or etc. - In my daughter's case - she suffered depression and confusion because she knew what she was before and she knew what she was told in the group and came to believe - but the real person had a mind fight with the new "enlightenment" and the struggles are very painful.
I would recommend an ex-member workshop if you can manage it.
Best to you,
AFF Information Service
Bonita Springs, FL 34133
941-514-3081; fax 941-514-3451
Visit our award-winning Website:
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(March 2005 Update - Hi everyone, please excuse the mess, I wasn't able to access this site for updating for several years while Lycos was taking over Angelfire, but their great tech support finally helped solve the problem. Now I just need the time & motivation to get the work done. In the meantime, I hope what's here now is helpful - please check out all the links!)  


Update: March 2001

The Night Twitch Died, and More

Albert, John, and Connie's Stories


There have been new plagiarism discoveries since David Lane's original findings many years ago. This site, a work in progress, will be an excellent resource for all seekers of truth.


By a Former Member of Eckankar

To go directly to Professor David Lane's "Eckankar" pages, click here! (And be sure to look for Raphael's Critiques of Klemp's Discourses)

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