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This page will be, basically, a "handout" file I compiled from my postings at alt.religion.eckankar, for people who wrote to me requesting more information. The "attach" function hasn't been working too well for me, so I decided to simply post my "handout" here and send out the URL to inquirers.

This information will be repeated on and expanded elsewhere. This is just, basically, an overview.

Eckankar paints a very rosy picture of itself, naturally. It ignores and tries to whitewash and even eradicate the facts of its past and present, and its members tend to deny the possibility that there's something wrong with their "religion."

For balance, well...I may seem a bit extreme. Truth is usually found somewhere in the middle. I ask people to look at both sides of this cult, think about it, consider all the possibilities.....and make up their own minds.

Just look at the world, past and present, and think about where extremes in beliefs, and fanatic fundamentalism, has brought about. Just two examples....the Inquisition, and the bombing of the World Trade Center. However, we must be careful and not be too extreme in tolerating lies and deception. For example, for much of my life, when I'd hear people around me making racist remarks, I wouldn't say anything, just to be polite. I stopped doing that years ago. I speak up, and tell them that sorry, I cannot condone their racist beliefs by my silence.>

By the way, please ignore the language....the newsgroup can be a bit rough sometimes.

Newsgroup: alt.religion.eckankar
Subject: The Other Side of Eckankar, the Cult!
From: "JT" , Bell Solutions
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 1999 23:32:49 GMT

I am still fascinated by all the posts on this newsgroup. Some posts are definitely entertaining. Just one question for each of the warring camps-

for the happy members of Eckankar:

Why do members of Eckankar refuse to acknowledge the errors of the past? Why not give regular contributors like Sharon, Lurk, and others, some credit for having the courage to voice their views and share these views with others? Why to members feel the need to defend against these former Eckists? Why question their motives and character? The anti-Eckankar forces have simply decided that they cannot support the formal organization of Eckankar and have chosen to support some other path. They have not completely abandoned the principles of Eckankar which are universal and common to many paths. This does not make them bad people. Now they seek to warn other like minded individuals of the mistakes they made because certain information that would have helped them was unknown to them at the time. They now wish to share with others their new found knowledge. Do we really need to classify dissidents as enemies? Think about it...

for the anti-Eckankar forces:

Why do opponents of Eckankar harass otherwise happy members of a peaceful group. A rose by any other name smells just as sweet does it not? Regardless of the origins of the beliefs shared by today's Eckists, if the teaching is common to other paths as well, why is it any less true if proclaimed by Eckankar? Does truth really require a religious label? If I am an outlaw and a scoundrel but I preach about peace and brotherhood is my message any less valid? If Eckandar is the science of soul travel whose express purpose is to help individual souls back to their original home - what does it matter if the founder was a bum? If Eckists are happy in their belief system, why should anyone put them down? Think about it...

I suppose however, that we must do what we must do. The forces for and against will continue to duke it out... I suppose that's all part of being human. I suppose there's many reasons to explain the motivations on both side of the fence. Good luck to both sides. I suppose pro or con we are all doing what we feel we must. Maybe expressing ones view is the important thing. Maybe the war helps both sides progress. Without opposing viewpoints their would be no posts and no insights for either side. In that case let me congratulate all sides to the conflict. Your're all doing one heck of job....


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