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Redeemed's Doorway

Peace & Joy

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      Welcome to my little place on the web! I thank the Lord for opening the door to be able to reach people all over the world. The purpose of this site is to bring glory & honour to the Lord, & to edify & help bring those who are born again closer to the Lord. I have been saved 5 years and the Lord has blessed me with a wonderful husband, 3 beautiful children to raise up for him, and a great independant bible believing baptist church with a wonderful Pastor. The Lord has told me to homeschool, if you have any input in that area please e-mail me. If you are ever on vacation in Niagara Falls, N.Y. please visit our church " Victory Bible Baptist Church " on 19th street the phone # is ( 716 ) 285 - 3844. My prayer is that this site will be a blessing to your spirit & help you to draw closer to the Lord, encourage & strengthen you, and bring glory & honour to the Lord. If you are looking for peace & joy heres how to have it. click here to go to Peace & Joy Have you lost your peace & joy? Here is the way to get it back. click here to keep Peace & Joy Do you desire to serve & love the Lord more? Here is a monthly bible study that I'm praying will do just that. click here to go to bible study if you would like to know my doctrinal statement here is where you want to go. click here to go to beliefs

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If you have any comments questions or concerns please e-mail me and God bless you.

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