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The Unofficial Lloyd Thomas
WestPac Homepage DD764

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2012 Reunion

October 2012

Make plans to attend ! Save vacation time for October 2012

See our USS Lloyd Thomas Reunion Association for more details as plans are developed.
Thank you

And again the Pittsburgh Reunion was fantastic. Pictures will be added to our other website. Click Here

You missed another great reunion if you were not with us in sunny Pensacola in 2010 or Colorado Springs in 2009.
We had beautiful fall weather, great tours, and a fantastic time together.

Boston Reunion June 2006 Pictures on

Login info listed below


APRIL 2005 --- MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina

Login upper left corner as
Password -- DD764

Pictures can be seen on

Login in as
Password -- DD764

Chicago 2002 Reunion pictures are posted on

To find the albums:
On Right side, Below "Join Now" Click on "Member Sign In.
Next Screen - Right Side, "Returning Members"
Use email - --- Ofoto Password - navy.
Go to Slideshow and Play for the best viewing

Check out the Official Lloyd Thomas site.
You can add your info and look for other sailors.
Click Here

The purpose of this site is to enable shipmates of the LT's WestPac cruises of 1970 and 1972 to contact each other by using the information from the guestbook registrations. Check out the others that have left messages on previous pages. Shipmates from other crews are welcome to sign in, as we like to hear from you too. If you have any items or pictures you want put on, please let us know.

Welcome aboard, please explore and sign the guestbook below.

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Updated October 23, 2011

Please be sure to sign the above guestbook if you are a LT Sailor. The Internet is such a great tool to finding each other. We have over 100 email and snail mail addresses for you guys that sailed the Tonkin Gulf. We would prefer you add your name directly to the guestbook so others can email you. Email us if you are looking for someone, we may have information. As a result of these reunions we have more people active in building our website.

of the ROC Dang Yang 911 /
USS Lloyd Thomas DD764

See pictures of the Dang Yang / Lloyd Thomas as she sailed for the ROC
after the USN decommissioning in 1972.
Visit the Ofoto site listed below. (Dang Yang 911 Album)

We have September 2002 pictures of the Dang Yang
as she is being prepared for her new life as a fish farm.
THE FINAL DAYS - 10/22 Click Here

She reported to her final duty station on October 31, 2002.

And here's more pictures - 11/1.

2001 Norfolk Reunion Pictures!

Click Here for pictures taken aboard the USS Laboon
of Our Sailors at the Norfolk Reunion

More pictures have been loaded to the following site

TO FIND the Norfolk Album and the Dang Yang Album:
On Right side, Below "Join Now" Click on "Member Sign In.
Next Screen - Right Side, "Returning Members"
Use email - --- Ofoto Password - navy.
You may have to select "View all albums to see these albums.

Orlando 1998 and Philadelphia 1995 REUNIONS

Check out Ralph Sutton's Web Site
with info and memories of the cruises between 1959 and 1961.
His site is listed with the other links below.


Click to bring back the memories. We apologize in advance for the slow downloading of the pictures but feel it is worth it and maybe the old songs will help good thoughts return.






What it is Really Like to be in the Navy.

This article is from Jack Summers, OI Div 1970



Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club site owned by Scott Sheffer
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Be sure to check out these other links.

They have excellent information, that we have not repeated on this site.
Be sure to check out the 1st link - the Lloyd Thomas site.
Read about the entire history of the Lloyd Thomas.
Disregard the Ship's Company Roster. It is not current.
Scroll down to "The Crews" button and submit your current information.
It is recorded immediately and can be changed.

Register in the Shipmate Registry of the Tin Can Sailor site.

Be sure you have registered also in our guestbook section near the begining of this web site. Thanks !

See what happened to our sister ship, the Keppler after she left WestPac.

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