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Naga's Ranger Haven

Hi Everyone! I've added only a few new critters to my page, i'm trying to dig up some of the old critters from the past. Hard to find the info on them. I'm also trying to get Look and Descriptions of the new critters in the new Province. I haven't gotten and quest critters, if someone could send me some, I'd be grateful. This site is under heavy construction!

Some other stuff, like player help! Combat Help!

Here's a revised list of critters i've documented. I just found out I put Leucro in the wrong area. I put it right after the Inkhorne, good thing I caught it! I'm working on an easier way to access the Look and Description using frames, but that will take me a while to set up. Please be patient with me! it'll take me awhile to get everything together, but here's a current list.

Want to get in on the action? Click on da magical button to get yourself whisked away to the magical land of Dragon Realms (okay, now thats just lame)

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Here's the A-M list
  1. Gorbesh archer
  2. Striped Badger
  3. Beisswurm
  4. Black Bear
  5. Cave Bear
  6. Wild Boar
  7. Bobcat
  8. Small Boggle
  9. Great Grey Boobrie
  10. Brown Burrower
  11. Cougar
  12. Giant Salt Crab
  13. Scarlet Crayfish
  14. Blue-Belly Crocodile
  15. Cutthroat
  16. Elba Darvager
  17. Grass Eel
  18. Faenrae Executioner
  19. Tipsy Fae
  20. Dragon Priest Fanatic
  21. Footpad
  22. Bony Fylgja
  23. Granite Gargoyle
  24. Field Goblin
  25. Wildland Goblin
  26. Small Grendal
  27. Corpse Grub
  28. Rock Guardian
  29. Musk Hog
  30. Wind Hound
  31. Inkhorne
  32. Black-Backed Jackal
  33. Golden Jackal
  34. Side-Striped Jackal
  35. Glutinous Lipopod
  36. Giant Black Leucro
  37. Crazed Madman
  38. Gorbesh Mage
  39. Gypsy Marauder
  40. Mos Mey

Here's the N-Z List

  1. Dusk Ogre
  2. Scout Ogre
  3. Young Ogre
  4. Croff Pothanit
  5. World Dragon Priest
  6. Meadow Ram
  7. Thunder Ram
  8. Black Rat
  9. Ship's Rat
  10. Water Rat
  11. Faenrae Reaver
  12. Ruffian
  13. S'lia Scout
  14. Silverfish
  15. Lesser Skeleton
  16. Lesser Sluagh
  17. Snowbeast
  18. Tortured Soul
  19. Giant Wolf Spider
  20. Fire Sprite
  21. Water Sprite
  22. Faenrae Stalker
  23. Thug
  24. Rock Troll
  25. Rock Troll (claw)
  26. Swamp Troll
  27. Wood Troll
  28. Giant Thicket Viper
  29. Blood Wolf
  30. Bone Wolf
  31. Sun Vulture
  32. Revenant Zombie

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