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Reading and Writing Room!

Welcome to the Reading and Writing Room!

Welcome! Here you will find a list of books i've read and things i've writen. If you'd like to submit any writing or know of a very good book, let me know and i'll put it on my page.

Two Comics I read, Usagi Yojimbo (Best Furry Comic out there!) and The Tenth (Pretty cool comic about monsters)If you'd like to find out more about The Tenth, click here

Current---I am currently reading....nothing! Ah....end of the world! ::runs around in circles and then goes out to find a book::

Recently Finished ---I just finished reading Magic: The Gathering - Planeswalker;Artifacts Cycle - Book 2.

In addition to reading, I like to write, i've written various stories and articles. I won two awards for one particular story. One award was for Excellence in Creative Writing, the other wasn't really an award, but was nominated to be published in the school literary magazine (of course I was to lazy to actually fix the story and submit it). I've written two articles for my school's newspaper, Na Pueo (May 98 v.28 #7)

Yes, I'm sure your just fascinated in all the stuff i've just said above and you are now wondering, "where's the proof?" Well, I will be posting all my writings and a compiled list of the books i've read (heh heh, bragging time) Anyway, check back in the next couple of days to see the stories.

P.S. All my stories are fantasy (one horror, if you could call it that), except for the arcticles in Na Pueo.

Sorry having trouble making the text appear right, i'll post my stories as soon as I get it fixed. Read the titles for now :P

Da Proof!

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