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Due South

This is my ode to one of my favourite shows. If you don't know what Due South is, well, shame on you. Its about a mountie, Benton Fraser who comes to Chicago on the trail of his father's killer. He is partnered up with a street wise cop, Ray Vecchio. Together this odd couple fights thiefs, murderers, terrorists, and hormone driven females. Fraser also has this cute boss named Insp. Meg Thatcher. UPDATE Ray has now gone undercover and another guy is in his place going by the same name and, yes, driving the same car. Due South is neither a drama or a comedy or a cop show. Its a style all its own. Its now on TNT at 4:00 Eastern Standard time on week days.
Hey Duesies on AOL. Tired of no having no one to talk about the show with. Here's the place for you. Duesie Chat Just pop on by about 8 or 9 Eastern Time. If you have any problems or are thouroughly confused just hollar for Anne. She's almost always in, wonderfully helpful, and amazingly sane considering what time it is in Britain. If this link isen't working then go to Find a Chat, then go to Enter Private Chat, type in Due South and're in.
William and Elyse's Due South Page
A cool page with ALL the info a fan could ask for. Definetly would get a perfect score if i had a rating system. A must see.
Red Suits You Page
Devoted to the Fraser/Thatcher romantics. Has some excellent pics and sound bites. One of my personal favourites.
Caroline's Due South Page
Just Due It
Cool page. Home of the Due South Cook Book

And now...20 Duesie Commandments + 1

Symptoms of Due South Withdrawl

1. You put strange things in your mouth without thinking.
2. Your best friend asks you for advice and you start with: "My father gave me an important piece of advice once. Well actually he gave me two pieces of advice, but I can't remember the first.....Anyway the important one is...."
3. You name your dog Diefenbaker.
4. Your other dog gets named Maggie.
5. You tell Inuit stories to complete strangers.
6. You visit Chicago to further your search for The Mountie and The Cop which you KNOW are real.
7. You look under Vecchio in the phone book to try and find Ray's phone number.
8. You end every other sentence with "Thank you kindly" except when on line, then its TYK.
9. You sing the Due South theme in church.
10. When you play Scrabble you spell things like mountie, Deif, Riv, snow, Benton, Vecchio, etc.
11. You move to Inukvik, NWT, Canada.
12. You ask for a Stetson for your birthday.
13. You ask for a wolf-dog for Christmas.
14. You ask for a Mountie for Valentines Day!
15. You go to the market to find a date instead of a bar.
16. You're doing a crossword puzzle and you start to see words that relate to Due South; wolf, mountie, italien, stetson, snow, inuit, etc.
17. You put food on your forehead to bring down the temperature.
18. You smell your food and drink to identify the ingredients.
19. You lock yourself in a vault, in a bank.
20. You apply for a job at the local consulate.