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I r a q    a t    W a r . . . Updated by Henning A. Hellebust March 20. 2003  
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News Sources
 Respected Egyptian weekly online
AlterNet.Org - War on Iraq Independent Media By Category and Country
BBC - Middle East
CNN - Showdown: Iraq
Commondreams Progressive News&Views
Counterpunch Radical Newsletter
Financial Times - Middle East
Guardian Unlimited - Iraq report
Independent - Middle East
IPS Iraq
Iraq Daily World News
Iraq News Agency Regime Speaker Independent Reports
Iraq Press "Independent Press Agency"
Jordan Times "Independent arab political daily"
Media Workers Against War Anti-war News
Middle East Online Regional news portal
Middle East Realities Analysis and Reports
New York Times - Middle East 
New York Times - Standoff with Iraq 
One World: Iraq Human Rights Community
Palestine Daily Dialogue with the Islamic World
Radio Free Iraq US Sponsored Radio Channel
The Nation  Unconventional Wisdom
The Progressive Voice for Peace and Social Justice
TomPaine.comMon sense A Public Interest Journal
Village Voice Another Bush, Another War
Washington Post - Middle East
Washington Post - Confronting Iraq
Yahoo - Iraq
ZNet - Iraq Crisis
 War-critical articles and analysis
United Nations
 Integrated Regional Information Networks
 UN Office for Coor. of Hum. Aff.
UN News Center - Iraq
Security Council Resolution 1441  Pdf
IAEA Iraq Briefings
  Iraq Nuclear Verification Office
UN Disarmament Commission
Oil for food
SRC's related to oil-for-food
FAO - Aquastat
  Water and agriculture information
UNICEF in Iraq
UNDP in Iraq
ReliefWeb - Iraq
  UN Office for Coord. of Hum. Affairs
WFP in Iraq
WHO in Iraq
UN Environment Programme
  Report on the drained Marshlands

Human Right's and NGO's
Amnesty report '02
CARE International - Iraq
Freedom House
Global IDP
  Internally displaced people in Iraq
Human Rights Watch
Intl. Fed. of Red Cross & Red Cresent - Iraq
International Commitee of Red Cross - Iraq
International Crisis Group
  Analysis of tensions and conflicts in the Gulf
Save the Children
US Commitee for Refugees

Iraqi political opposition
Arab Gateway: Iraqi opposition overview
Communist Party of Iraq
Constitutional Monarchy Movement
   Sharif Ali bin AlHussein for King!
Iraq Foundation
Iraqi National Accord
Iraq National Congress
Iraqi National Coalition
Iraqi Turkman Front
Islamic revolution in Iraq
Middle East Reference
  *Iraq's Major Opposition Groups
  *The Follow-Up and Arrangement Committee
Turkmen People Party

Anti War & Sanction
Antiwar US
Campaign against sanctions UK
Campaign for Peace and Democracy US
Epic Education for Peace in Iraq Center
International Campaign against US aggression on Iraq
  By the Egyptian Popular Campaign
Iraq Action Center
  Founded by Ramsey Clark
Iraq Action Coalition
Iraq Peace Team On the ground in Iraq
Media Workers Against War Anti-war News
Megastories - Iraq Under Sanctions
  Voices in the Wilderness
Stop the War Coalition (UK)
United for Peace and Justice
  US campaign against War on Iraq
US Bombing Watch
  List of US bombings in Iraq
The Perpetual War Portfolio
  Weapons producers political connections

Science and research
Center for Defense and Intl. Security Studies
Center for Strategic and International Studies Iraq
The Iraq Research and Documentation Project
   Harvard translation of original documents

US/UK info. on Iraq
10 Downing Street Iraq
Project for the New American Century
  Promotes American global leadership
UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office Iraq
US Department of Defense
  Defend America, News about War on Terrorism
US Department of Defense
  US interests in the Middle East
US Department of State Iraq Country Information
US Department of State Iraq Update
  International Information Program
US Libr. of Congress Iraq country study
Weapons of mass destruction by CIA
Weapons of mass destruction by UK Government
White House polices on Iraq
World Factbook - Iraq by CIA

Bombing Watch Lists when US bombs Iraq
Center for Defense Information Eye on Iraq
Project on Defense Alternatives
  Iraq War Report, Afghan Aftermath
Desert Fox - Defenselink
Federation of Am. scientists
  Military analysis and research
Global Security
  Iraq Military Guide Database over Iraq's WMD programs
Jane's - Middle East
Operation Northern/Southern Watch No-fly zones
Operation Southern Watch Photos
Operation Southern Watch Fifth fleet
Middle East Reference
  Claims, evaluations of Iraq's proscribed weapons
Royal Air Force
UK Ministry of Defence Operation Telic, Iraq
US Central Command Middle East operations
US Air Force Research Laboratory

Official Iraqi information
General Federation of Iraqi Women
Iraq in the UN
Iraqi delegation to UNESCO
  Includes reports on health and education
Ministry of Health
National Asselbly in Iraq
Iraqi Presidency
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Iraqi disarmament and monitoring
Iraqi tourist board
  Including sites and services
Uruklink Official Iraqi sites collected

Kurdistan Regional Government
Kurdistan National Congress of North America
Kurdish Library
KDP - Iraq

Kurdish Media
Iraqi Kurdistan Dispatach
Kurdistan News
Kurdistan Observer

Assyria Online
Assyrian Democratic Movement
Assyrian Democratic Organisation
Assyrian Patriotic Party
Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party
Assyrian Progressive Nationalist Party
History of Assyrians
Zinda - Assyrian News Mag

Guardian - Special report Oil
Official US Oil Statistics
Petroleum Intelligence Group
  Including "Eye on Iraq"
Oil and Gas Journal

General information
Al-Islam Islam resources
Baghdad city guide!
Islamic Supreme Council of America
  Country Report on Iraq - Iraq With even more links
Iraqipages With great pictures
Maps by ReliefWeb
Maps by University of Texas
Saddam Hussein Cartoons!
Saleh Iraq Homepage History and culture
World Statesmen Encyclopedia of Nations

The editor
"Iraq at War..." is edited by Henning A. Hellebust. I am a Norwegian freelance journalist. The collected links above are sources I check into in my own work on Iraq. Send mail if you have any questions or suggestions about the site. Below are some articles from my own visit to Iraq (In Norwegian only):

Irak faller sammen (250200).
Hver side står på sitt(250200).
Norske eksperter vil heve FN-sanksjonene mot Irak (010300).
-Vanskelig å endre på forholdene (010300).
Ap. vil heve Irak-boikott (030300).
Irak - Et rikt land rotner på rot(April 2002).
NEW! Daily critics of Norwegian media through the ongoing war.

   Mediekritikk av Aftenposten, Dagbladet, Dagsavisen og VG
   under krigen i Irak LES MEDIEKRITIKK

   Admiral John M. Kelly speaking aboard the carrier
   Abraham Lincoln,quoted in New York Times March 18:

   "The game could begin at any time"

  ... and Tomahawks for Peace are off
  Bombs for Democracy discharge
  Liberational cluster- and fuel air explosives
  Decapitate for Freedom
  With scarse collatteral death
  We are told...

  ... Please remember then
  The 25.000 direct civilian kills
  Likewise the 25.000 who died indirectly
  The 125.000 lost soldiers
  The 100.000 people who perished postwar
  From the last round...

Check out how a real Iraqi in Baghdad experience the war: Salam Pax
Daily critics of Norwegian media through the ongoing war. NEW!

Alternative Thought's
Credibility Bomb
By Doug Ireland,, March 18, 2003
Mideast Democracy Irrelevent to Bush's Vision
By Jim Lobe, AlterNet, March 18, 2003
Why I Had to Leave Blair's Cabinet
By Robin Cook, CounterPunch March 18, 2003
Letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush on the Eve of War
By Michael Moore, March 17, 2003
Of Oil and Almonds
By Ruth Rosen, San Fransico Chronicel, March 17, 2003
Why Class Matters - The Gulf War 12 Years Later
By Mitchell Cohen, Green Party, in CounterPunch, March 14, 2003
Who's In Charge?
By Edward Said, CounterPunch, March 8, 2003
The Inevitable War?
By Ian Williams, Globalvision News Network, Feb. 06, 2003
Halabja - A War Crime or an Act of War?
By Stephen C. Pelletiere, New York Times, Jan. 31, 2003
The Human Cost
By Robert Fisk, The Independent, Jan. 26, 2003
Destroying the Village to Save Weapons Manufacturers
By Heather Wokusch, Commondrreams, Jan. 25, 2003
When Will We Resist?
By Edvard Said, The Guardian, Jan. 25, 2003
The "Just Because" War
By Robert Higgs, AlterNet, Jan. 23, 2003
Car Wars
By Ian Roberts, The Guardian, Jan. 18, 2003
It's about Oil
By Robert Fisk, The Independent, Jan. 18. 2003
War on Germany
By Matthew Albright, Counterpunch, Jan. 14, 2003
The Double Standards, Dubious Morality and Duplicity of the Fight Against Terror
By Robert Fisk, Counterpunch, Jan. 4, 2003
Oil, Iraq and America (plus several articles)
By Dilip Hiro, The Nation, Dec. 16, 2002
Misinformation about Iraq
By Edwarad Said, Counterpunch, Dec. 4, 2002
Blood and Oil - Alternatives to War in Iraq
By Michael Renner, World Watch Institute, Nov. 22, 2002
A former weapons inspector rejects Bush's evidence
Scott Ritter interviwed by Jon Wiener, LA Weekly, Sept. 20, 2002
The Case Against the Iraq War
By Matthew Rothschild, Editor of The Progressive magazine, Aug. 28, 2002
Seven Arguments Against Bombing Iraq
By Stephen Zunes, AlterNet, Aug. 22, 2002

Questions not Answered
  • Why invade Iraq?
  • On what lawful authorisation?
  • What could be underlying reasons of invasion?
  • Is there an alternative to war?
  • Is Iraq a military threat to anyone?
  • How can the US get control of Iraqi oil with war?
  • If the US won't get control, who will, and how?
  • What about Iraq's great water resources?
  • What do the Iraqi people think about a war?
  • Is it right to use Hussein's old sins as reasons to attack now?
  • Has an attack got anything to do with Middle East power balance and Israel?
  • Why can't UNMOVIC see/use US/UK proofs of WMD?
  • What is the proof that Al Quaida and Iraq is connected?
  • If they are connected, what did they achieve together?
  • Who will manage Iraq after a war?
  • Which economic and political system will be imposed?
  • Who scores on a war with Iraq?
  • Will Kurdistan be a part of Iraq after a war?
  • Please add questions by mailing them to me!

    News Archive
    Washington Post, Nov. 22. "Arab States Bringing Iraq Back Into Fold"
    BBC, Nov. 22. "Iraq exports oil to Syria"
    BBC, Nov. 20. "Analysis: Iraqi sanctions solution nearer"
    ArabicNews, 18. Nov. "9,000 Iraqis died in October due to sanctions"
    CNN (Reuters/INA), November 13. "Russia's Ivanov arrives in Iraq on Mideast tour"
    BBC, Nov. 13. "Diplomatic 'triumph' for Iraq"
    Chicago Tribune, November 12. "Turkey doubting Iraq embargo"
    Guardian Unlimited, November 6. "Iraq resumes domestic flights"
    Washington Post, Nov. 5. "Iraqi Defector Says Saddam Was Near to Building A-Bomb"
    Index on censorship (E. Said), Oct. 10."Manufacturing Monsters"
    CNN, October 5. "Number of sanction-defying flights, most humanitarian, to Iraq rises"
    IPS, Sept. 26. "UN's 10-year-old Embargo on Iraq Threatens to Unravel"
    Yahoo (AP), September 26. "U.S. Committee Debates Iraq Plan"
    BBC, September 26. "Jordan To Resume Flights To Iraq"
    BBC, September 26. "Syria and Iraq forge closer ties"
    The Middle East Economic Survey, September 25. "Quo Vadis Iraq?"
    CNN, September 25. "International flights carried doctors for Saddam"
    BBC, September 22. "French flight to Iraq divides West"
    BBC, September 18. "UN panel: 'Iraq sanctions must go'"
    One World (IPS), August 18. "Debate on Economic Sanctions Entangles UN Commission"
    BBC, August 17. "Iraq re-opens airport despite sanctions"
    Financial Times, August 3. "SPECIAL REPORT"
    BBC, August 2. "West split on Iraq"
    Daily Telegraph, July 16. "Iraq orders Russian anti-aircraft missiles"
    CNN, June 6. "Sanctions-bound Iraq revives with oil-price windfall"
    Arabic News, May 8. "Trade boosted between Iraq, Egypt"
    ABCNews (Reuters), May 8. "Arab MPs urge U.N. to lift Iraq sanctions"
    ABCNews (Reuters), May 6. "Some Iraqi opposition groups to be allowed back"
    ABCNews (Reuters), May 6. "U.N. Iraq inspection head ready for August start"
    The Scotsman, May 5. "Nation with no country - Kurdistan"
    Sunday Times, May 5. "Serbia and Iraq 'in dangerous new alliance'"
    BBC, May 2. "Baghdad hit by rockets"
    BBC, April 28. "Saddam's birthday celebrations (63)"
    Dawn April 21. "UK still thinks Iraq is a major threat"
    Iraq Daily (AP),April 20. "U.S. Congressman Ends Iraq Visit"
    Cyber Thesis Journal, April 19. "US rejects offer to open dialogue with Iraq"
    Arabic News, April 17. "Odai Hussein wins journalism prize - possible regional implications"
    The Sunday Telegraph April 16. "Russia brokers arms deal to rebuild Iraq's air defences"
    BBC, April 15. "Iraq rejects new arms monitors"
    NYT, April 14. "Security Council Approves New Arms Inspection Agency for Iraq"
    The Sunday Telegraph, April 9. "Iraq's first family at war again"
    The Economist, April 8. "When sanctions don’t work"
    BBC, April 6. "Air strikes follow pattern of clashes"
    FT (Reuters) March 31. "U.N. set to double Iraqi oil spare parts spending"
    Gul-News (Reuters) March 31. "Saddam's family tightens grip on Iraq"
    Business Recorder (Reuters), March 29. "Saddam: Iraq to continue defying Western planes"
    Iraq Daily (AP), March 29. "U.S. Jets Bomb Iraq Defense System"
    The Boston Globe (AP), March 29. "Parliament election a boost for Iraqi's son(99,99%!!)"
    NYT, March 25. "Annan Exhorts U.N. Council on 'Oil for Food' for Iraqis"
    NYT, March 23. "Expert Says Iraq Got Bomb Data From U.S."
    BBC, March 22. "Four killed in Baghdad mortar attack"
    CNN (AP), March 22. "U.S. OKs first direct funding to Iraqi opposition group"
    CNN (AP), March 21. "Iran-U.S. rapprochement unnerves Baghdad"
    BBC, March 18. "Pope questions sanction on Iraq"
    Yahoo (Reuters) March 15. "Annan Says U.N. Looking for 'Smarter Sanctions'"
    BBC March 15. "Iraq says Iranian drone shot down"
    South China Morning Post (AFP) March 15. "Annan urges doubling of oil allocation"
    NYT, March 14. "Annan Assesses Benefits to Iraq of Oil-for-Food Prg."
    Virtual New York (UPI), March 14. "Iraqi election campaign launched"
    Yahoo (AFP) March 13. "Iraq aims to set up IT university"
    NYT, March 9. "17 Arms Experts Are Named for U.N. Panel on Disarming Iraq"
    CNN March 2. "Iraq denies U.S. reports of luxury spending"
    CNN, March 1. "New arms inspection chief expects unrestricted access in Iraq"
    AP (Yahoo), March 11. "Iraq Reports 8 Hurt in U.S. Raid"
    ArabicNews, March 11. "Kurdish factions asked to resume negotiations with Baghdad"
    Arabicnews March 6. "Iraq asks for application of joint Arab defense agreement"
    NYT, Feb. 5. "Arms Inspector Seeks Bigger U.N. Role in Iraq"
    BBC, Feb. 5. "US diverts Russian tanker to Oman"
    BBC, Feb. 4. "Iraq concessions unlikely says UN"
    NYT (AP), Feb. 4. "Iraq demand UN to cover Travel expenses to Mecca"
    FT, Feb. 4. "Oil infrastructure crumbles as sanctions bite"
    Yahoo (Reuters), Feb. 3. "Western Planes Retaliate Against Iraqi Fire"
    WP (AP) Feb. 1. "U.S. Fighter Jets Bomb Iraq Defense"
    WP, Jan. 30. "The Squeeze on Iraq Allows Its Kurds to Flourish"
    WP (AP) Feb. 28. "Iraq Sets Parliament Election Date"
    WP, Jan. 27. "Swede Hans Blix to Lead Arms Monitors of Iraq"
    WP, Jan. 25. "U.S., Iraq Deadlocked on Weapons Inspections, Officials Say"
    NYT, Jan 13. "Iraq to Allow Nuclear Inspections Again"
    Washington Post, Jan 12. "Annan Seeks Return of Arms Agency Head Rolf Ekeus"
    BBC, Jan 12. "American planes hit Iraqi target"
    CNN/AP, Jan 12. "Iraq wants to pay arrears due to U.N., OPEC"
    FT Jan. 10. "Annan reveals preferred candidates to Unmovic" Jan. 10. "Iraq is ready to cooperate over the missing"
    CNN Jan. 9. "Iraqis report 3 wounded in U.S.-British airstrike"
    Iraqi News Agency Jan. 6. "President Saddam Hussein's adress on Army Day"
    BBC Jan. 6. "Saddam: Sanctions crumbling"
    BBC Jan. 6. "Human Rights Watch urges easing of Iraq sanctions"

    1 9 9 9

    The newspaper Babel, which is Iraq's most
    influential and is owned by Saddam's eldest son,
    Odai, has predicted that a military clash with the
    United States and Britain is bound to take place
    early next year....
    AP 31/12/99

    ArabicNews 31. Dec. "Iraqi parliamentary elections in March, 2000"
    Reuters 30. Dec. "Iraq Says Western Aircraft Bomb Civilians in North"
    ArabicNews 30. Dec. " AL chief gets a message from Iraqi FM"
    AP 28. Dec. "Iraq Moves To Restore Syrian Ties"
    AP 28. Dec. "U.S. Opposition Group Visits Iraq"
    Reuters 28. Dec. "Iraqi Archaeologists Discover Ancient Artifacts"
    AP 27. Dec. "U.N. Orders Iraq To Pay El Al $7M"
    NYT 26. Dec. "America Moves Apart From the U.N. on Iraq"
    Reuters 25. Dec. "Saddam slams U.S., UK leaders in Christmas message"
    AP 24. Dec. "Pentagon Sees Hussein on Defense"
    Reuters 23. Dec. "Saddam Hussein honors son with bravery award"
    AP 22. Dec. "Iraq executes 22 political prisoners"
    INA 18. Dec. "Tariq Aziz Restates Iraq's Rejection of UNSCR 1284"
    BBC 18. Dec. "Iraq rejects UN resolution">
    AP 18. Dec. "Key Elements of UN Iraq Resolution UNSCR 1284"
    NYT. 18. Dec. "U.N. Passes New Plan to Track Iraqi Arms"
    NYT. 16. Dec. "Barring of Uranium Inspectors Raises New Concern Over Iraq"
    Financial Times 13. Dec. "IRAQ: Baghdad objects to UN resolution"
    AP 13. Dec. "Inspectors Could Return to Iraq "
    AP 13. Dec. "Iraq Boosts Oil Output"
    CNN 12. Dec. "Construction drive demonstrates Iraqi resilience, Saddam says"
    AP 12. Dec. "Iraq Claims Airstrikes Killed Kids"
    Reuters 12. Dec. "Iraq urges France, Russia to reject U.N. draft"
    REUTERS 12. Dec. "Iraq Is Set to Resume Sales of Oil for Food"
    NYT 11. Dec. "U.S. Is Trying to Put Teeth in Inspections of Iraq Arms"
    Washington Post 11. Dec. "U.S. Eases Stance on Iraq Arms Monitors"
    AP 10. Dec. "U.S. Assails Iraq for Oil Sales "
    AP 10. Dec. "U.N. Extends Iraq Oil-Food Program"
    AP 10. Dec. "Iraq Names New Army Chief of Staff"
    AP 8. Dec. "Iraq Evicts Thousands From Baghdad "
    AP 7. Dec. "U.S. Planes Attack S. Iraq Targets"
    AP 5. Dec. "Report: Iraq-France Ties To End"
    AP 5. Dec. "Iraq's Main Oil Center Back on Line"
    CNN 4. Dec. Syrians & Iraqis pray for rain.
    AP 3. Dec. U.N. Votes To Extend Iraq Program
    AP, 2. Dec. Russian company drilling oil wells in Iraq
    AP, 2. Dec. Extending Iraq oil-for-food one week?
    NYT, Dec. 1st. UN: Iraqi Oil Exports End Up in US
    BBC Nov. 29th: Saddam prays for rain