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If you're anything like me - you've been frustrated surfing to Buffy sites, expecting reviews or at least a mention of the third season! What happened to all the webmasters and mistresses who plotted and posted all last summer? I can only find two or three of you guys. Thus this webring - dedicated to any sites with Season Three pics, info, rants and especially reviews. 0:-)

Note: All rightey - I've gotten a couple of nice looking sites that want to join my webring but have nothing to do with 3rd Season Buffy! How can this be? *lol* So I'd like to go on the record saying that if you're site says "Last Updated 1997" you probably won't get to join my elite section of BtVS websites. *giggle* That sounded pretty impressive didn't it? BTW - you can't join the webring without having a webpage...if you think you can, well you scare me.

As always - have fun!

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