Pretty Kitty Clique

Pretty Kitty is the story i concocted in my little head about a kitty cat who always got made fun of by all the other more beautiful kitties. They all called her ugly just because she was a little deformed.

One day Pretty Kitty could not take it anymore. She ran home in tears and asked her mother why all the other kitties were calling her ugly. And if she was so ugly, why was she named Pretty Kitty??

Pretty Kitty's mom took a deep breath. "Well Pretty Kitty," she said. "A lot of the other kitties just dont know what real beauty is. You were named Pretty Kitty because of who you are on the inside. Not for how you look. If other kitties don't appriciate your inner beauty, they are not worthy of your friendship anyway."

The next day, Pretty Kitty was feeling much better. When all the other more beautiful kitties made fun of her, she did not pay attention. She knew she was pretty on the inside, and as long as she loved herself, what other people thought of her didn't matter.

The moral of this story is obvious. If you want to support inner beauty, and show Pretty Kitty how much you love her, join this clique. All you have to do is email me and tell me you want to join, and than add the pretty kitty picture to your page. (the code is at the bottom of this page and so is my email address.) I will than add you to a list of people who are on the clique, and i'll add your url so you get more people visiting your site

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