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Hey there friend, my name is Shasta, you�ve got a hand, help me see what you said to me. Don�t hide your hand, my ears are closed. I cannot hear and share the world, don�t fear just lend a hand, Lend a hand, and I can show you how to sing words in the air. You can share my world of silence. There�s so much I want to share, I�m reaching out to you. There�s so much we can do. Before I knew I walked with you, until the day you turned away. See what I say, the world that you are hearing now is the same world that I see. Reach out your hand, I hear your hand, lend a hand and I can show you how to sing words in the air. You can share my world of silence. There�s so much I want to share. I�m reaching out to you. There�s so much we can do, you call me Deaf but I can see, birds singing, breezes in the trees and children laugh. My world is lonely without you Just look at me and smile and clasp my hand in yours. There�s so much I want to share. I�m reaching out to you. God can make dreams come true!

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Well, as you can tell from the opening message I'm deaf. I have been since birth. I'm a 36 year old happily married mother of a beautiful baby girl. My husband is in the USAF and we are currently stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, Louisiana. I have an extensive directory of sign, that can be used as a little tutorial. Please feel free to browse.


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Deaf Joke of the Month

The mafia was looking for a new man to make weekly collections from all the private businesses that they were 'protecting'. Feeling the heat from the police force, they decided to use a deaf person for this job--if he were to get caught, they reasoned, he wouldn't be able to communicate to the police what he was doing or who he was doing it for. Well, on his first week, the deaf collector picks up over $50,000. He gets greedy, decides to keep the money and stashes it in a safe place. The mafia soon realizes that their collection is late, and send some of their hoods after the deaf collector. The hoods find the deaf collector and ask him where the money is. The deaf collector communicates with them in ASL. They don't understand a word he is saying and decide to drag him to an interpreter. The mafia hood says to the interpreter, "Ask him where da money is." The interpreter signs, "Where's the money?" The deaf guy replies, "I don't know what you're talking about." The interpreter tells the hood, "He says he doesn't know what you're talking about." The hood pulls out a .38 pistol and places it in the ear of the deaf collector. "NOW ask him where da money is." The interpreter signs, "Where is the money?" The deaf man signs, "The $50,000 is in Central Park, hidden in the third tree stump on the left from the West 78th Street gate." The interpreter says to the hood, "He says he still doesn't know what you're talking about and doesn't think you have the guts to pull the trigger."

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