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I have been traveling around the net for months trying to find a link to my family tree. I have not had any luck, so I decided to put my own page on the net to see if anyone could find me and help.

I've had the good fortune to find a page on the net listing my Grandparents on my mothers side. They were Leonides Levisee & Susan Fletcher. My second cousin is into Genealogy, as I am, and will be sending information on the family so there will be updates soon. My cousins name is Marion (Levisee) Cotter. Also I've come into contact with a cousin Twila Payne who has a page on our family tree which I have listed below. I hit pay dirt in one week and found a page on my Chisholm, Goodale side and my cousin in Canada is also going to give me a hand. Her name is Margaret Morgon and her page is listed below.

My maiden name is Goodale. My paternal grandparents came to the USA in the early 1900's to Boston, MA. My grandfather's name was Peter Duncan Goodale born Feb. 3, 1882 in Dundee Scotland My Grandmother's name was Mary Ann Chisholm, also born in Dundee Scotland, what date I don't know. They moved to Boston with their children and then my dad was born. His name was Duncan Chisholm Goodale and he was born Feb 14, 1914. He had one brother William Goodale who was the next oldest child and born in Scotland and two sisters Dora and Helen, also born in Dundee Scotland.

I have never got the chance to meet any of my cousins except Nancy. She was my aunt Helen's daughter and moved to Millbrea, CA., close to where I live. I have talked to my cousin Dorothy (Dottie), who is the daughter of William and lives in Boston. She has a brother Peter and John and sister's Mary, Helen & Betty I did find John over the Net and we have been in contact. He told me that our Grandparents didn't speak much about their time in Scotland, which is such a shame.

I'm told by my mother that my paternal Great Grandfather was a tailor in Dundee and my grandfather Peter owned a steed mill in Boston.

I just found information on my Great Grandparents, thanks to the Morman Genealogy site and my Cousin Dottie Goodale. My Great Grandparents were John Carnegie Chisholm and Williamina Manson, Williamina was born in Inverness Scotland. Mary Ann & Peter were married in Dundee Scotland. My Grandmother Mary Ann Chisholm was born in Dundee in the year 1884. My Grandfather Peter Duncan Goodale was born in Dundee on 2/3/1882 and died in Boston, MA in 1962. Peter's parents were William Goodale and Grace ? don't know her last name yet. They were married in St. Clement Church in Dundee.

My mothers name is Mildred Evelyn Levisee. Her parent's were Arthur Levisee of Minnesota and Bertha Schoeneman of Wisconsin. Mom goes by the name of Sally. That was her stage name when she was in show business. She was born April 17, 1914 in Seattle, WA and pasted away Oct. 14, 1998 in Modesto, CA I know my grandfather Arthur had a brother Aaron and my My maternal Grandmother had two brothers Henry Schoeneman and Arnold Schoeneman born in Racine, WI. Three sisters, Eleanor, Mable and Rose also in Racine, WI.

My mother's 1st marriage was to a singer. His name was Charles Chesney. They had a son, my half brother, Ronald Chesney, who was 17yrs older than I. He married a Nella Barsi and they had a daughter, my niece Lynn. She changed her last name to Piccardo, which is the name she goes by today.

The following infromation was supplied to my by Dan Baumbaugh. As always very well put together. Thanks Dan.

Lynn Chesney-Coyne-Piccardo b. December 14, 1954 in Oakland, CA m. Mickey Coyne - ???? d.

Lynn's parents:

Ronald Chesney b. December 13, 1934 in San Francisco, CA m. Nella Barsi on Feb. 26, 1954 in San Francisco, CA m. d. July 9, 1974 in Westwood, CA

Nella Barsi b. August 11, 1933 in San Francisco, CA m. Ronald Chesney on Feb. 26, 1954 in San Francisco, CA m. Donald Becraft on November 28, 1964 in San Francisco, CA m. Raymond J. Piccardo on June 7, 1969 in South San Francisco, CA d. May 8, 1997 in Oceanside, CA

Nella's parents:

Guido Barsi b. About 1899 in Italy m. Martha Dallari in 1932 in San Francisco, CA m. d. September, 1982 in Santa Rosa, CA

Martha Dallari-Barsi-Baumbaugh b. August 3, 1914 in North Judson, Indiana m. Guido Barsi in 1932 in San Francisco, CA m. Daniel E. Baumbaugh in 1949 in San Francisco, CA d.

Daniel E. Baumbaugh b. April 28, 1928 in Cleveland, Ohio m. Martha Dallari-Barsi in San Francisco on August 20, 1949 d.

I married Lawrence James Casias. His date of birth is Aug. 28, 1946 and he was born in San Francisco, CA. His father's name is Joe Casias and his mother's name was Charlotte Maestas. They both moved to San Francisco from Colorado in the 1940's.

I also was born in San Francisco, on Aug. 26, 1951.

Larry and I had a son. His name is Cary James Casias. Cary was born in San Francisco on Sept. 24, 1990.

If you believe we maybe have a family link, please contact me on ICQ#4907096 or the below e-mail address. I would love to hear from you.

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