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Welcome to Randie's Homepage

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Nice that you stopped by! Sit down and stay awhile! My name is Randie and the most important thing to me in my life is having a happy, healthy family.

I hope you will check out my whole Homepage with all the links.

I'm the mother of a 9-year old son, Cary, and I want so very much for him to have all the wonderful things that life has to offer. I have his Homepage linked here, so check it out. He is a very special little boy that has changed the world for me to a much better place to live.

I love to chat and have some very special people that I have meet on the net; hope you get to met them too!

Please don't leave before you sign my guestbook, I love to see who has stopped by and where they are from.

People have asked me to tell them a little more about myself. Well, here goes. I'm too old to tell you how old I am. After all a lady has to have some secrets in life. One thing I will say is that we started late in life having our son, Cary. But that seems to run in my family because I was born to my Mom & Dad late. I didn't get married very young because I had too many people to meet and places to see.

We live about 100 miles outside of San Francisco, California. I was born in the City and moved to a lot of diffrent states, such as New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Washington State.

I think my favorite place to live was Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was a wonderful place to grow up. At that time it was still small and a kid could go anywhere on their bike and not worry about anything. I'm sure it's changed now but it is a wonderful memory.

My hubby Larry works for Jacoa Alarms Systems. Check out his link below. I think you will find it interesting.

Larry is a wonderful husband and father. We frist met over 20 yrs ago and went out for awhile, then broke up. He married someone else and was married for 13 yrs. When that didn't work out he came looking for me. He always has said, "I wish I would of married you the first time around". Isn't he sweet?

Well, that is about all about us. I don't want to bore you!

As you can see by the awards below, I was in the SiteFight. You should try it out! You can still see the links below. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet a lot of great people.

skye award

On September 6, 1997; I won the DLoudest Cheer Award.
DLoudest Cheer Award

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