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My Prodigy links
I've been trying to collect all Prodigy sites on the Net, so you don't have to use any search engine, and get the crap about the Online Service... If you know a Prodigy Web-site, which isn't on the list, please send its address to me. Check out the Prodigy Underground Archive and the Official site!

Check out this cool site: Proteus' Prodigy Site

Last updated: September 17, 1997
Title Description Rating
The Official Prodigy Page The OFFICIAL Prodigy Page, all the official info and crap...the Archive is much better. 5 / 10
The Underground Archive The Prodigy Underground Archive, over 700 Meg songs, pictures, videos 10/10
Acid's Prodigy Site One of the best Prodigy pages, I've seen so far. Lots of articles. 10/10
Anders Thomasson's Prodigy site There is a very nice Prodigy logo on this page. 7/10
Andreas Nylin's Prodigy Page Pictures, discography, info, news, description, history and samples. N / A
Android's Prodigy Page A lot of stuff, interesting design, not very original. 6 / 10
Andy Dowling's Prodigy Page The unofficial but cool page. 6/10
Beeper's Prodigy page Ah, finally a page, which has good lyrics on it. 9/10
Breathe With Me News, bio, sound clips, pictures, videos, lyrics, links and more. 4/10
Cikis Prodigy Page Cool Page 8/10
CyberDave's Prodigy Page On this page can you find over 60 music files to download, videos, lyrics, guitar tabs, pictures and you can also listen to them LIVE in Seattle. 7 / 10
DaniŽl Brouwer's Prodigy Page Cool Page N / A
David Coen's Trippin' Prodigy Page Pictures, sounds and a discography. N / A
Do you do Voodoo? Dedicated to bringing you the latest news on the greatest band in the known universe. N / A
Earthbound Central Pictures, frames(argh),lyrics, few original information 6/10
Erick's Prodigy Web Site The band, the music, the buzz. N / A
Fat of the Land Page Everything you need to know about Prodigy's third album, The Fat of the Land, including the complete track list. 7/10
Firestarter -The International Prodigy Chat System The Chat system, finally! 8/10
fuck 'em...and their law Another Prodigy page, nothing extra 5 / 10
Jamie Campbell's Prodigy Page Sounds, pictures, videos, lots of info and even a chat line. N / A
Maximum Prodigy Maximum Prodigy, news, nice design 8/10
Mboy's Prodigy Page Pics, interviews, equipment list. Also links to other techno and rave sites. N / A
Milos' Prodigy Page History, pics, discography, lyrics, etc. From Yugoslavia. N / A
Pages For A Jilted Generation Info, pictures, and samples. N / A
Paul's Prodigy Page Cool Page N / A
Poison-x's Prodigy Page A very nice page, and Poison-x actually is a cool guy, who helps other people, so if you have any question... 8 / 10
Popsicle's Prodigy Mania Norwegian site with pictures, MP3s, discography, story, and more. N / A
Proteus' Prodigy Site The best designed page on the Net! And it's very original, you even can read news and rumours, that aren't on the Official site. 9/10
Prodigy Discography Discography N / A
Prodigy Experience Music videos, pics, history, news, and the rest. N / A
Prodigy Links Links, you can add yours to the list. 9/10
Prodigy Live Rebroadcast with band info, photos, bulletin board and chat board. N / A
Prodigy Rules Page Includes albums, singles, pictures, history, and videos. N / A
Prodigy Web Ring Web Ring-- but extremly slow. 1/10
Prodigy World Cool Page N / A
Prodigy, The Masters of Techno Lot of links, nice design, a really good page. Check it out! 8 / 10
Prodigy: The Ultimate Experience Music, reviews, articles, history, discography and more. Everything you want to know about the greatest dance act on earth. N / A
Smashing's Prodigy Page Cool Page N / A
SunDance's Prodigy Page History, releases, hits, touring info, etc. N / A
Valdis Visnevskis' The Prodigy Page Prodigy N / A
The Prodigy - FAQ Prodigy FAQ 10/10
The Prodigy: Ross McCleary's Site Another Prodigy site! 8/10
UBL Artists: The Prodigy This site has more than 20 links to other Prodigy sites. List
Usenet - Usenet 10/10
Yahoo's list of Prodigy sites. List

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