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Walk the Minefields! So, you've decided to take a look on my work, to stop it falling into the wrong hands.

Do the Survey!! Please read mine and tell me your opinion about the band!

Last Update: August 16, 1997
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If you want to read the news, go and see the official site. There is no point of copying it.

An article from Entertainment Weekly:
"After all the speculation about electronica's commercial potential, the movement's emperor seems to have some clothes after all: Prodigy's The Fat of the Land debuted at No. 1, lighting a "Firestarter" under 201,000 butts. (Not bad for a band dropped by their previous label for not being able to sell their way out of a paper bag.) Even the Men in Black juggernaut - with 177,00 of the Will Smith - driven soundtrack sold - proved no match. Radiohead's OK Computer debuted at an okay No. 21. But pity poor Motley Crue, whose Generation Swine fell from No. 4 to No. 30 in week 2. Other recent to 10 entries suffering dramatic dropoffs: En Vogue (No. 22), Paul McCartney (No. 47), and Foo Fighters (No. 66). Sequencers, anyone?"

Here is the chart of the Top Ten pop albums: (July 11-18, 1997)
This Week Last Week Name Weeks on chart
1 - Prodigy The Fat of the Land, Maverick 1
2 - Soundtrack Men in Black, Columbia/Sony Music Soundtrax 1
3 1 Spice Girls Spice, Virgin 22
4 1 Hanson Middle of Nowhere, Mercury 9
5 3 Tim McGraw Everywhere, Curb 5
6 7 God's Property from Kirk Franklin's Nu Nation God's Property, B-Rite/Interscope 6
7 6 Bob Carlise Butterfly Kisses, Diadem/Live 11
8 9 The Wallflowers Bringing down the Horse, Interscope 53
9 5 Soundtrack Batman & Robin, Warner Sunset 4
10 13 George Strait Carrying Your Love With Me, MCA 11

Prodigy and Tom Morello together on Spawn- The Album!!

Hear the Music From The Darkside NOW at Spawn - The Album ,in-stores July 29th, brings together artists from the next generation of hard-edged rock bands and electronic/industrial dance specialists. It features Prodigy, who joined forces with Tom Morello as one of the creative teams assembled for the project. Spawn - The Movie, set for wide release on August 1, is based on the hugely popular comic book created by Todd McFarlane.

Go listen!!

After 3 years, the Prodigy's third album is out! Read the info, and tell me what do you think about The Fat of The Land.

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Since the Prodigy Web-ring doesn't work , one reason of my page is to collect all Prodigy links.

There is a short biography of the band.

Or if you have time, here is a longer history from the very beginning to the release of Firestarter.

Read the lyrics of all Prodigy songs!

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