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Native Art and Totem Poles

Welcome to the

Hornby Island General Hobbyshop

We sell all types of Pacific Northwest Native Art
from 6-30 foot totem poles (commission sales)depicting the Ancient Legends,
to Haida secret society masks and peace pipes,
as well as other interesting curios.

Please call 1-(250)-335-0086, MY ICQ# 8565317 or E-mail for more info:
Thank you for your overwhelming support! After answering all your emails I have added links to other sites for research and studies of the Haida People and traditions. I have been away from civilization and a PC for a long time so my appologies in the long awaited replies. Plans are in the making for accepting credit card purchases.

Original, 1 of a kind, Pacific Northwest Haida Art

Here are a few of my earlier works and Tattoo Designs

8' X 16' carved & painted Red Cedar door, Sea Breeze Lodge, Hornby Island, B.C. Canada
Killer whale sandstone painting (browser back)
The Gaurdian Eagles Totem
6' Beaver Totem pole (work in progress)
Raven Sandstone Painting and legend
Haida eagle tatoo design
Info link of the Haida Native peoples
Info link on Haida art design
A Interactive Learning link for students
A great link on totem poles
More Tatto designs cut and paste (FREE)!