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The Raven

The Raven

Raven, the Trickster, The Transformer, The Provider, plays a tremendous part in the Legends of Northwest Coast. He was responsible for placing the Sun in the sky. Placing the streams rivers and lakes, And stocking them with salmon for the people. All the legends among the different clans always refer to Raven as a cultural hero, the transformer, he appeared to people in many different forms. Full of magical, supernatural powers, he could dive into the sea, or fly into the sky, or make anything happen at will. Raven gave people fire, put food on the land and manoevered the tides assurring access to the beach resourses. Raven is known for his insatiable greed and his legendary antics, in which he loved to tease, cheat, woo, and to trick. One K'san legend tells of how Raven stole the sun from an old woman who kept it in a box away from the rest of the world. Another tells of how Raven gathered all his brothers to block out the sun, to teach a lesson concerning cruelty to animals.

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