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The Spotlite Foundation has rescued numerous horses and ponies over the years, and has operated free/low cost riding programs, but has only recently achieved official non-profit status. This is an exciting time for The Spotlite Foundation, as we hope to be able to touch many more lives of horses and youth with our newly established 501(c)3.

Children We Serve

Children who fall into 1 or more of the following categories qualify for participation:

  • Have a parent battling cancer
  • Have lost a parent in a tragic accident
  • Live in low income circumstances
  • Suffer from an eating disorder
  • Have a parent in prison
  • Are battling a terminal illness
  • Have a parent in substance abuse rehabilitation
  • Suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
  • Have a parent deployed to Iraq or to another high risk area
  • Are victims of sexual, emotional, verbal, or physical abuse.

  • Program Structure

    TSF Retreats offer participants a sanctuary in which to get away from the daily pain associated with the above circumstances. The programs include:
  • Horse Back Riding/ Partnership with a Horse
  • Daily Horse Management
  • Horse Related Challenges
  • Support Group Sessions
  • Private Guidance Counseling
  • Team Work Exercises
  • Meditation Classes
  • Positive Thinking Seminars


  • Week Long & Weekend Retreats
  • Summer Riding Camp at Chastain Mist Riding Academy
  • After School Horse Challenge/Riding Lesson Program
  • Rider Sponsorship for the talented rider that wants to compete and shows promise and scholastic excellence, but cannot afford the sport.
  • Extreme Dreams Evening Camp at Chastain Mist: Beneficial night of self esteem building for girls