DC Wishlist

Things I'm always tempted by

*CB or 2nd-gen metallics
*Short-medium gen metallics with neat lineage
*2nd-3rd gen tinsels of any type
*4th-5th gen 2-breed staircase or spiral tinsels from a lineage I don't have (see my tinsel lineage wishlist)
*CB stripes
*CB blacks
*Eggs from perfect checkerboard lineages (even-gens with all males one breed, all females another)
*Eggs from staircase lineages with metallics or event dragons (all males one breed, all females another)
*2nd-gen common eggs with gold or silver parents
*Eggs with beautiful symmetrical lineages
*Holly promise

Bred egg wishlist from metallic or holly parents (father first, mother second)

*2nd-gen gold egg from holly-gold (or gold-holly)
*2nd-gen stripe egg from holly-stripe (or stripe-holly)
*3rd-gen purple nebula hatchling from a purple nebula male and silver female checkerboard
*2nd-gen gold egg from gold-red, red-gold, gold-autumn, gold-skywing, gold-magi, gold-guardian, gold-purple, or nebula-gold
*2nd-gen gold OR common egg from gold-harvest, [gold-ember], gold-terra, or magi-gold
*2nd-gen silver egg from silver-black, sweetling-silver, alt sweetling-silver, stripe-silver, purple nebula-silver, silver-purple, silver-winter, or white-silver

Bred egg wishlist-- no metallic/holly parents (father first, mother second)

*3rd-gen white egg with the two different alt rosebuds as grandmothers
*2nd-gen red dorsal egg or hatchling from alt sweetling-red dorsal
*2nd-gen red nebula hatchling from alt sweetling-red nebula (may accept egg)
*2nd-gen red nebula hatchling from marrow-red nebula
*2nd-gen magma egg or male hatchling from magma-magi
*2nd-gen thunder egg or male hatchling from thunder-gray or thunder-electric
*2nd-gen thunder egg or female hatchling from ice-thunder
*2nd-gen ice egg or male hatchling from ice-magma or ice-blue nebula
*2nd-gen red nebula hatchling from magma-red nebula
*2nd-gen green nebula hatchling from green nebula-frill
*2nd-gen white stripe egg or male hatchling from nocturne-stripe
*2nd-gen red egg or male hatchling from yulebuck-red
*2nd-gen PB nebula hatchling the same color as one of its parents

Longer hatchling wishlist-- this may change frequently

Hatchling wishlist

Other stuff I could use (lower priority)

*Messy tinsels or metallics for freezing
*2nd-gen hatchlings
*Purebred even-gen hatchlings
*CB eggs: stripe, black, trio, chicken
*CB hatchlings: nebula (especially green or red), stripe, black, trio, chicken, golden wyvern
*Purple, pink, or red hatchlings (any lineage, but I prefer 5th gen or under with no inbreeding)

Some things I never want unless I ask

*Unbreedables (except for chickens)
*Fake tinsel lineages where you killed off the parents to make it appear shorter gen
*Long disorganized lineages, unless it's a tinsel or alt black for freezing.

Things I Can Breed

*2nd-gens from any parents except tinsel, holly, and spriter's alts (I do have CB frills and old pinks)
*3rd-gen even-gen PB dragons of any possible breed. (4th, 5th, and 6th-gen EG PB's available for some breeds)
*Checkerboard dragons of many breeds
*Halloween dragons: 2nd-gens, checkerboards, and stairsteps
*Holiday and Valentine dragons: 4th-gen 2-breed stairstep Holly, 2nd-gens of all others
*Tinsels, 4th-gen and up

Thanks for trading with me!

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