I have so many checkerboard lineages at this point that I'm afraid I've totally stopped updating them. :-( Please feel free to PM me if you want more information about the checker lineages I have. For now, here is a quick and dirty list of the holiday checkers I can breed:

Yulebuck: from red, gold, silver, white, winter, mint, red copper, greenwing, crimson, green copper, red neb, stripe, albino, flamingo, harvest, pillow, autumn, horse, fever, frost, undine, almandine, daydream, balloon, sunrise
Snow Angel (gold wings): from green, gold wyvern, white, gold, green neb, teimarr, canopy, green copper, summer, stripe, winter, autumn, silver, fever, frost, undinge, spessartine
Ribbondancer: from gold, gold wyvern, green neb, harvest, vine, green copper, red copper, red, teimarr, white, stripe, tsunami, sunsong, fever, cassare, carmine, undine, almandine, terra, pillow
Wintermagi: from gold, silver, stripe, crimson, green copper, white, red neb, gold wyvern, harvest, red copper, teimarr, greenwing, speckle, fever, frost, blueband, carmine, undine, pyrope, red
Wrappingwing: crimson, gold, white, red neb, mint, speckle, silver, red copper, tidal, red, greenwing, green copper, black stripe, neo, fever, frost, blueband, carmine, undine, pyrope
Solstice (with true bred wings): gold, winter, carmine, green copper, red copper, gold wyvern, tsunami, ice, falcon, daydream, frostbite, lumina, horse, white, almandine, speckle, green neb, tan ridge
Solstice (with blue 2nd-gen wings): nhiostrife, pillow, brimstone, purple neb, winter, blusang, swallow, silver, sunsong, pink, royal blue, fever, teimarr, terra, blueband, moonstone

Valentine 09: from spring, purple neb, pink, dream, winter, ice, blusang, pillow, tea, speckle, black, gold, horse, red, white, deepsea, tan ridge, sunset, brute, carmine, almandine
Sweetling: from daydream, stripe, white, pink, red, moonstone, speckle, ice, spring, silver, tan ridge, old pink/pink, gold, black, ice, horse, winter, tea, flamingo, carmine, sunsong, waterhorse, blue neb, almandine
Rosebud: purple ridge, white, stripe, moonstone, spring, nhiostrife, purple neb, horse, tea, silver, ice, winter, pink, gold, black, dream, crimson, lurker, speckle, carmine, frost, almandine, pillow
Heartseeker: red, lumina, magi, silver, red neb, gold wyvern, gold, magma, moonstone, black, ember, albino, green copper, crimson, terrae, pink, white, ice, winter, pillow, autumn, speckle, red copper, balloon, blacktip, seragamma, red dorsal, brute, carmine, pyrope, spessartine, almandine, sunstone, undine, brimstone, spitfire
Arsani: gold, blusang, ice, spring, dream, flamingo, crimson, tea, nhiostrife, black, silver, white, sunrise, purple neb, tan ridge, pink, red, winter, speckle, carmine, almandine
Radiant Angel: black, brim, carmine, fever, red neb, almandine, pyrope, red, crimson, white, gold, gold wyvern, silver, harvest, nhio, brute, sunstone, balloon, spessartine, tidal, red dorsal

Thanks for trading with me!

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