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The Magical Button That Feeds Hungry Animals

I had the most wonderful dream!  
I dreamt that, while I was roaming
 through the Cyber World in search
 of bones and other treats, I made a
 most marvelous discovery!   I had
found the fabled Magical Button
That Feeds Hungry Animals!

All I had to do was put my paw on
it, and then magically bowls of food
appeared for animals in need!  It
didn't even cost me a kibble!  Then
you tried it!

Then you told all your friends about it!
 And you came back day after day and
 made more bowls of food appear!

Then I read that from July 2002 to
December 31, 2002, visitors to The
 Animal Rescue Site generated
  11,720,254 bowls of food for animals
 in need!   

Clicks like mine and yours and
the generosity of corporate sponsors
had made this possible!
So we kept those paws clicking and  
clicking, and lots and lots of animals
got fed!

Please feed animals in need by
clicking on the Magical Button
above.  But please click quietly so
 you don't awaken me from this
beautiful dream!

Thank You!

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