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Apply For My Awards

Many wonderful animals and people
have been kind enough to give my web
site their awards.  I am both honored
and humbled to have won their
approval.  As the result of their
generous acts, I have decided to start my
 own awards.  To apply, read the criteria for
 each award and submit the application
below.  Then I will make tracks to your site
and nose around.  Good luck!    

Criteria For The Beautiful Site Award

Site should be about an animal and show
concern for its well-being

Site should be family friendly

Site should contain something of beauty
whether it be photographs, graphics,
music, or written material

My tail should be wagging as I roam
your pages

Criteria For The Hero Award

Site should be about an animal who has
performed a good deed for the
benefit of a person or another

Site should be family friendly

I should want to give someone a big
Cheyenne hug and sugars after
viewing your site

First Name:
Last Name:
Web Site URl:
Name of Your Web Site:
Name of Award:
Description of your web site:

And remember to sign my guestbook!

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