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9th Infantry Division 5th of the 60th


Company A

Binh Phouc, Vietnam: 1967

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You have reached the Home page of ---- Walter J. Thone

I served in the Delta in Vietnam from May till October 1967, I was a PFC in 1st Platoon 1st Squad

My base Camp was Binh Phouc, I was Drafted in November of 1966

  • This is me at 25 AND here I am now 25 years latter
  • Look what they did to me Mom

November 1967

Saigon Hospital, I took one in the leg Oct 13 1967 from a command detonated claymore in Oct 1967 I turned 20, Didn't think I would make it

A visit from the General to award me a Purple Heart

Documentation for the award PurpleHeart

Thats me manning the 50 Cal. in the motor pool on top of track A-16

in the background is the Aid station and the company ambulance

Behind the tree line is the village of Binh Phouc. The basecamp is now a Soccer field

  • This picture was taken right outside the base camp. We just got back from a mission. I was on this chopper, talking to the pilot, just before it flipped

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from one high mileage human..... Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body . But rather you should skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming..................


5/60 Company A Roster

James Naulty, Company A 5/60 9th Infantry April 1967 to Sept.67

Earl Massey, 2nd Lt. Company A 5/60 9th Infantry 1967 - 1968

Sam Pizzo, Company Clerk Company A 5/60 9th Infantry Dec 1966- 1967

Earl at his retirement

After 32 years of active and reserve time he retired from active duty

30 Sep 96.

Platoon leader 1st Platoon, A Co, 5th, 60 Mech 1967

and member of Bde Staff during Aug 67-Aug 68. I also served a second tour

on Advisor Team 56 (Can Tho) as the S-2, Jul 70-Jul 71.

Earl's Pictures from 1968

3/60 Company Roster

John Mesa, Feb - Aug 67, 11B40 2nd squad 3rd platoon.

Call sign was Patron Yankee Charlie 2 - 3

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