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This site is dedicated to those who served with the

My name is Bob Pries and I served with Bravo Company, 2/47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division, Vietnam. I look forward to hearing from others who served with the 9th, especially those who served with the 2/47th. You may contact me at the E-Mail address below. Please view and sign my guestbook - - - The 9th Infantry Division Guestbook!

I encourage you to visit the Mobile Riverine Force Association (MRFA) link. It is a great place to meet others from the 9th, as well our Navy brothers from the Delta. The MRFA publishes a great newsletter that I believe you may find to be very informative. This a very good organization with great people.

Army and Navy Together - Then and Now!

Binh Phuoc was one of the numerous homes of the 2/47th Infantry in Vietnam. Rob Handel, Recon Platoon Leader (Romeo 6) , December 68 - April 69, traveled back to Binh Phuoc in 1993 and shared his observations. His comments about Thunder Road and Binh Phuoc are quite interesting. Sure has changed since the days of old!

"My business (shipping) took me back to Viet Nam in 1993 and I found some time (a day) to go down to the old campus. First of all in Tan An the Brigade HQ grounds is now a BIG soccer stadium with cement seats and the works. Driving from Tan An to Binh Phuoc was a real trip!! How many mornings did we try to clear that road from mines? (Editors comment: a.k.a. Thunder Road!) Well, now there are trees that are say 40 foot tall alongside the road that were not there in 1969. (It is the tropics and it has been a few years!!) There was still that bend in the road and that small village. Once we got to Binh Phuoc it was even hard to find where the Main Gate used to be. My driver had to ask an older woman where it was. Again, the whole place was another soccer field. We then drove through town and at the far end (where the road forked) there was a larger brand new government building (say three or four stories high) but otherwise the place looked the same."

Many thanks to Romeo 6 for sharing his experience with Welcome To Binh Phuoc.

I encourage everyone who visits this site to sign and view the guestbook. It is a means of connecting with our brothers; past, present and future.

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