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Always Beside You: Fanart and Image Galleries

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This is the fanart and image gallery annex of The Spy and The Silencer, a couple shrine dedicated to Gundam Wing's Trowa Barton and Midii Une. Since Midii appeared only in the manga and not the anime series these fan portraits are rare glimpses into what could have been.
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Fanart by Terra Forever

Fanart Gallery 1-Artists A-L updated 1/16/07
Fanart Gallery 2-Artists M-Z
Behind the Mask: Images of Trowa
Trowa Timeline
Reflection of a Spy: Images of Midii
Under the Mistletoe--Holiday Fanart
Fan Doujinshi
Artists' Links

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Disclaimer: Always Beside You is an unofficial Gundam Wing fansite for entertainment purposes only. Gundam Wing is owned by Bandai, Sotsu, Sunrise. This site was opened October 15, 2001 by Midii Une and is the fanart section of The Spy and The Silencer: A 3xMU Couple Shrine. The fan-created images within are the sole property of the creative artists. Do not take them without permission!

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