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Change, Love, and Understanding
The Rhythm Emotion

Good Afternoon, fellow Gundam Wing fans. I regret to inform you that The Rhythm Emotion will no longer be updated, nor will I be posting anymore chapters. I express my deepest appologies to anyone who follows this fic. The perminant suspension of this fic is due to a very real legal situation that will become official around June 30th, 2001.

I'm being sued.

No. I'm going to be publishing seires of books called The Silent Guardians of EternityTM. The books of Eternity's Dawn, begining with Twilight, parallel the Rhythm Emotion storyline. If anyone is interested in following Rhythm Emotion, please be on the lookout for Twilight, the first in a series of books that parralel the Rhythm Emotion timeline. Once again, I appologize for any inconvinience.

If you have not read Rhythm Emotion, click on the pic below. I have revised the story a bit so as not to leave you hanging. Thank You.