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Change, Love, and Understanding
The Rhythm Emotion

Conceived in raging inferno
Born in weightlessness, darkness, void
Child of the stars, Moon, and Night
Chosen is she, Sentinel of Hope and Life

Do you know what itís like to die? Do you know what it is like to be born? If you did not know, how would you know the difference? It hurts to die, even if itís in your sleep. It hurts to be born, to suddenly awaken to a new world. How can you tell the difference between the two? To be born is to begin and to die is to end, right?

They say life is a circle, but in a circle nothing ends and nothing begins, so how can life ever end and begin? In life nothing ever truly ends, it simply begins something else. In every story that has ever been told, it eventually ends, right? But havenít you ever wondered what happened afterwards? And so, therein, with the ending of that story, there is the beginning of new story. An untold story.

With the stars as guardians
With Moonís loving light
With Earth's arms outstreached
With Cosmic vigil kept

How can it be any different with life? To die is to end, but there must be something after death, weather it is reincarnation, or going to heaven or hell, or roaming the earth as ghosts. If there wasnít something after death, then whatís the point? By dying, you are born into a new world, be it a babe, or a ghost, or eternal life.

How can their be any difference between life and death, if after death, you are born into something else, right? Life is a story that everyone knows, and death is the end of that story, but it is also the beginning of another story that has never been told to those who are still in life.

Surrounded by darkness
Lost, encased in nothingness
A first chocked breath, trembling gasp
Throttled by pain of rebirth

Now, what if we, the living, die several times, before we die? We have to be born into something else, then, right? In a sense you die, after you leave home to truly spread your wings for the first time, and it hurts. Never before have your wings been pushed so hard, and exercised like they would be now. Sure you have tried them out a couple of times, but never before has it been like this. You died the first time you tried out your wings. It hurt, remember, that first time you left mom and dadís side for a night or a weekend to go camping with your friends, or the first time you went to camp. It hurt, remember. For however long you were away, you would have to rely on yourself, and you were scared, and it hurt to be away from them.

With shards of metal, small and fast
She slipped away from life's gentle grasp
Forged again within the blaze
Born again within the void

But by going, and taking off on your own two wings for the first time, that child that you were before, died, and you were reborn into something greater. Now, your leaving for good, and it hurts, you try to hold back the tears and your family does the same, and it hurts, but when you settle into your car and drive off, you are dying, and when your home was no longer in sight, you are being reborn.

Weather you realize it or not, you die and are born several times in your life, in small ways, in big ways, and that, my friends, is why life hurts so, because you are almost always dying and being reborn, before you die. With each decision we make, during that brief moment of uncertainty and doubt, we die and are reborn again, in a small way, but significant all the same. Every time we die, it hurts, and it probably hurts more so to be born again, to move on with life. Thatís why, when it hurts a great deal to die, the pain of being reborn hurts all the more, and lasts all the longer, but eventually all pain subsides, and you continue to grow.

But like Phoenix, she will rise
At the dawn of a new age
She is humanities last hope
The Child Born of Space.

And this is where our story begins, with millions of deaths, and millions of births, some small, and almost insignificant, others large and very significant. Change hurts, to change is to die and be reborn again. Love hurts, love is what we receive, even in the smallest of ways, and love is what we give, after we are reborn, until we die again. And even then, love may still be with you, from a lover, from a friend, from a caring stranger, from a bird or butterfly that passes by. Understanding comes after death, rebirth, and love, for with rebirth and love, we finally come to an understanding for those around us, and with this understanding, we liveÖ

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