Yaoi Warning Page

The Writer's Retreat is Yaoi based. If you do not know what Yaoi is then I suggest you do not come any farther. However, I will be nice and provide you all with a common definition of yaoi.


The Japanese term for Yaoi means twin peaks or twin valleys. It means same or identical. In Anime it is often referred as male/male writings of said relationships. Yuri is known as female love. Also known as Shounen-ai or boys love. Yaoi manga features romantic male love between male characters.

The Yaoi Writer's Retreat is 100% Yaoi. However, I will not say that you have to be 18 to be in here because some of these authors may be under 18. Please Enter the Retreat, if you are open minded and embrace Diversity, but please be 100% sure you want to be here.

If not, well then hit the back button on your browser and have a very nice day.

I will not accept any flames for any fics found herein. You have been warned. The stories are copywrighted to their respective authors. Please do not take without permission. Oh and all my authors crave Feedback, so please send them reviews on their hard works. Arigatou!!! ^_^

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