Sweet Psychoanalysis

Dilandau: Bio and Unprofessional Psychoanalysis

Okay. This pyromaniac is from (pick your flavor) Escaflowne, Tenku No Escaflowne, Vision of Escaflowne. He,...err...it, yeah, it works. Is a pyromaniacal fifteen year old who runs a special unit of Zaibach soldiers called Dragon Slayers (note, this faction is composed of other, less bad ass,more sissified pretty boy fifteen year old boys).

"It", as I refer to Dilandau...........oh! forget it! He's a He in this shrine!!! That "It" deal was annoying. Shall I explain further? (nod?) Okay! See, the evil Zaibach Empire is dealing with a Fate Alteration Engine, or some such thing. They decide to test it. For an inexplicable reason, they kidnap(?) Selena Schezar, (Take out your scorecards and write this down....), Allen's little sister. They apparently hold onto her for awhile (I haven't seen this yet! I'll change it if I find out its wrong!) They perform their experiments and make her...into him, hence the ludicrous search for political correctness(i. e. no fun) above.

Now Dilandau, he posesses apparently no memories of his former self, (I've only seen up to episode 8, leave me alone!!!) He has a newfound passion for burning things, stabbing bottles and slapping his pansy Dragon Slayers around like schoolgirls. Are these actions from repessed memories from Selena or something?

Eventually, he gets turned back into Selena (boooooooo! Gimme Dil back!!!), she loses violent tendencies, and all live dysfunctionally, but otherwise happily ever after. End.

A Totally Unofficial Psychological Profile from a Complete Amateur!

(Yay! What Fun!)

I am a total amateur at psychology. I took a course in it my Senior year of High Shool. It was entertaining and helpful, well, entertaining mostly (Tests were sometimes damn confusing....WhoAreThesePeople?!?!?!?!). Case studies were Nucking Futz!!!! But, I decided to put my psychological input about Dil here. Okay, Seeing as he likes to burn things, he's a pyro. Seeing as he likes to hit people, break stuff and is cruel to animals (eating live snails is cruelty to animals), not to mention he has no remorse for anything he does. I'm going to label him a sufferer Antisocial Personality Disorder. Antisocial personalities have little or no emotion regarding their actions, however, they are expert deceivers and can act very emotional, they just don't mean it. They have past histories of violent and destructive behavior towards themselves and others. The criminals who fall into this category are mostly serial killers with disturbing habits.

Dilandau is a special case though, he not only has APD, but he also experiences emotional ighs and lows. Taken into the context of its extremities, I'd have to say he is also a candidate for Bipolar Disorder. Bipolars experience cycles of deep depression followed by extreme highs before returning to the deep depression. These cycles vary from being instantaneous to carry on over months and years. Seeing as one minute, Dil is just fine and the next, he's literally slap happy and enraged at the most miniscule problem indicate he suffers from Bipolar, or a similar disorder.

Dilandau could just need B complex vitamins. They help millions of people (myself included). B complex vitamins (which some people have a deficiency of, its not that uncommon) help with the normal functioning of the nervous system and converting food into energy (it says so on the bottle). In other words, they keep you from psyching out all the time, unless there really is something wrong with you, then you need to see a psychiatrist. I personally don't think he needs B complex vitamins. I think he's just Nuckin Futz!

Well, that concludes his part of Sweet Psychosis. Where to now?

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