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My Friends...

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This is my best friend Nikki and I at the famous LA hotspot The Ivy. I was down there this month for a visit and we just had to go. ;) We did some socializing with a few producers, directors and almost ran over Penelope Cruz at Bristol Farms.

This is a picture of Mark and I and no I don't like it very much but I've been told that I should put it on here anyway because we're "cute". I don't think that the red eye helps the picture any but it's still a fun one.

This is one of my old roommates Priyanka and I at her engagement ceremony about two years ago. She's a brilliant computer whiz who I had the delight and pleasure to live in the same house with during college. She taught me about the joys of Indian cooking.

In this picture I will admit that I was not very happy. LOL My mom took it anyway and decided we needed to document my every expression on that particular day. I don't think it's very flattering....