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A Little About Me...

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Mark and I went to Hawaii in October 2004, this is from one of our dinner nights out on the town. It was lovely, two weeks of sand, surf and sun. It was hard coming back to gray and rainy weather. I think I'm still cold.

This is a picture of Mark and Shannon (me) taken in my parents kitchen December 2002. I had long hair then, it was curly too. Never really noticed that before. I like it. ;-)

I'm guessing if you clicked on this page it was out of shear curiosity about the webmistress who creates random websites that really seem to have no central theme other than my interests. Well, here's some basic scoop on my curiously strange nature....

I'm in my early 20's and am hoping to go back to grad school in the next couple of years. I majored in languages and speak several languages fluently including French and Spanish. I currently work in a law office doing accounting work but it's a bit far afield to where I see myself heading. I will be leaving the firm in the next couple of months but I don't know where I'm headed just yet....

I fancy myself a wit but sometimes fall short...hehehe. Have a severe hankering for travel (especially European) and tend to reside in London when I'm not in the States. During summer months I can be found cowering from the sun in the deepest shade possible as I have fair skin and burn and then resemble a Maine Lobster. As for future plans, I am guilty of harboring fantasies of being a spy and infiltrating the government, but alas I will probably end up working a thankless corporate job of interpreter (which wouldn't be so bad, I'd love the opporunity). Not a bad field, and certainly a needed one, but who wants to do that when one could be spyish femme fatale a la Syndey Bristow in Alias... yes, my other favorite show, created by a writing genius.

My true hobbies though are mainly travel (Rick Steves is a genius too), photography, designing websites & making sigs, writing books and letters, watching & quoting favorite movies (probably have a quote for every occasion), and a nutty passion for horses. I guess horse crazy would be an appropriate term, I was raised with them and ride when I can but not owning my own horse since the death of my first one... but that's a whole different story.

I am not one for delving into my personal life (especially with people I don't know) but that's my hubby in all those pictures. Isn't he a cutie? The picture was taken of us last Christmas (2003) and I'm just now getting around to having it developed. Not my favorite picture but certainly passable.

I don't think I am all that interesting or worthy of scrutiny but if you have questions about my true passions, etc. feel free to email me or if you think I've infringed on copyright laws, please tell me! Either way have fun at the numerous sites kids and hopefully more humour is on its way from yours truly