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Welcome to my domain or This site was created several years ago and has finally begun to transform. The site is designed to work best in 1024x768 resolution with Internet Explorer but will work in other resolutions and browers. It also uses css, div layers, tables and php. Most of the art is made by me with contributions from a few other artists. Please do not take graphics or copyrighted media without permission.

If you would like to link back to me, please feel free to do so. You can use my main page as a link I don't have many link buttons yet but I'll be adding some more soon.

15 May 2007

I haven't updated in awhile, but I will be enabling the right click button again, since it's impossible to link with my site if you can't right click on the icons that I post. I was contemplating putting up photo galleries and such, thought that would be a nice change. Not sure what all I'm going to do with the site, still have to update my Roswell page. I have a ton of things that I need to put on there but it will have to wait until finals week before I can possibly make the necessary changes to the site. I see that there is still some interest in the show so I suppose updating might be a nice thing for me to do, especially since I know that there will always be fans of the show out there.

I was also thinking I might start a tutorial site, but then reconsidered because I think it would take too much time to maintain. I'm happy to link with other tutorial artists but I think that me trying to write to tutorials is next to impossible. I will be updating the links section to this site since right now it's completely useless.

24 August 2006

Added three LJ icons. I will be posting the LJ page with various categories of LJ icons soon. If you take them please link back to me and give credit where it is due. I'd hate to think someone was taking credit for my work. Please respect the artists on the web. Thanks! If you want custom made LJ icons or other avatars I can do those as well.

23 August 2006

I've been messing around with photoshop more than PSP lately and have really started getting into blending. I like making sigs still but also like doing the blending bit. Thought I'd share my latest blend, I'm thinking I might start offering a blend, and icons page. Doubt anyone will want them but I like doing it for me anyway.

20 April 2006

So last night was an awesome amazing episode of Alias and I it just makes me sad that it is going away. I know, it's just a television show but there is something so unique about it. I love that there is still a show on the air that features a kick-butt main female character. Before there was Sydney Bristow there was Buffy Summers and Nikita played by Peta Wilson. I honestly think there isn't going to be another one of these characters coming along for quite some time. It makes me sad that that I can't see a single show on television that features a main character with a strong and independent female lead. Sure Alias is an ensemble cast in many ways but there is and never will be an Alias without Jennifer Garner, she is Alias. The other characters complete the picture, support and drive the storyline and help blend all the elements of Syd's life into a cohesive unit. That being said the end of era is coming when the last show airs this May. I will certainly miss it and I'll be one of the first to snap up Alias Season 5 on DVD when it comes out.

You may have noticed the countdown to the next Harry Potter movie that I have posted below, I couldn't help myself! I know I'm a dork and it's over a year away but Harry Potter is another thing that is coming to an end in the next two years...or whenever JK Rowling finishes her final book. It will certainly be an exciting day but a sad one too, because HP certainly is a mainstay in our culture now. How many children and adults that you never thought would read HP have made a sly confession that yes they think HP is wonderful and that Dumbledore didn't deserve to go like that. It's amazing the people that are closet Harry Potter fans. Well there's not closet in site for this fan, just a countdown until the next film hits the big screen. *big grin*

No big updates have been made to the site, just added some links and will hopefully get time to update that page soon.

29 March 2006

This is the third layout update for the main page but I'm hoping to get the Roswell page updated today or tomorrow as well. We'll see how that goes. I would love to have some comments on the new layout and maybe what you'd like to see here. I've been thinking my next theme will be Grey's Anatomy-centric. I looove that show! It's so good! I don't normally enjoy the medical dramas that much but this one, there is just something about it that is absolutely fantastic. You might enjoy reading about the weekly thoughts of the Grey's Writers who blog after each new episode. They lend a lot of insight into how they plan their show and it's quite unique. I like that they allow others to respond to their comments and really try to engage with not only the public but with one another. Some of the things that team comes up with is just phenomenal. Of course there have been some aspects of the show that people are not so into...but unless you watch it this topic is probably not too interesting.