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I was going to do one of those cheesy/sexy/cool web journal things, but I don't have the energy and who the hell would care enough to read it? I don't care enough to write it. I'll just keep you posted on my random meanderings, ramblings, thoughts, rants, and otherwise here. Mainly, I'll just use this as another tool to tell everyone what to do.

6/3/02 I'm going to be an aunt! Again. I can't believe it.

4/11/02 I traversed the North Shore this weekend. I finally saw Gloucester (that's Glawsta, to all not from around here). I don't know why, but seeing the fisherman statue thingy really just made my day. However, beware the harrowing driving in Rockport! Beware, I say! Marathon Monday is coming..."If they try to kiss me at Wellesley, I might just let them."

4/2/02 Amy says I am more adventurous than I allow myself to be. Maybe she's right and that's why I'm so restless now. So where will it be, kiddies? I clearly need to voyage. Now.

3/18/02 What's to tell? Nothing happened. Life proceeds apace.

2/25/02 Holy shit, Batman.

1/25/02 This year is supposed to be better, dammit. I have the worst car karma in the world and I'm 26. It may be time to give up the dreams I had when I was 12. My friends are marrying off and having (shudder) babies. This is all too ridiculous even for the web. At least I survived the holidays.

12/21/01 I'm now officially too old to live. And I have a birthday too close to Christmas, dammit. Can't believe we're coming up on 2002. Never thought things would come this far. Haven't been updating much lately, as things have become crazy, and I've become lazy. Someday I'll get everything done.

11/19/01 That was a weekend and a half. I won't say much, except ice hockey kicks ass. I know that I'm a little late to this realization, especially since I've lived here in the Ice World of Hoth for so many years, but man! it's fun.

11/9/01 The time has come. I'm going to retire someday, and I want lots of money when I do, so I've got to bite the bullet and start socking it away. The only question is, how much and where? The investment people tell me I should have an aggressive plan because I'm young. However, I don't *feel* fiscally aggressive. I'm not wholly conservative either. I feel moderate. Moderate is good. The question is: Am I moderately conservative or moderately aggressive? You tell me.

11/7/01 Finally got the Deb Talan CD, and it rocks, as expected. Took a serious trip to Target this weekend with the friends and got tons of fun stuff. Nothing better than putting together furniture on a Saturday night. I'm so handy. My co-worker introduced me to the evil joys of Bejeweled. Like I needed another way to *not* do work. (If you do need another way to not do work, look into the mysterious addictive powers of I gotta check it every day. You never know when you'll need to know if it's raining in San Francisco.)

10/31/01 Happy Halloween! Scare someone you care about today. Finally finished the fall magazine. Taking a four-day weekend, which should alleviate that burnt-crispy feeling. Attempting to fight the "Get the hell outta Dodge" feeling. Maybe I need to travel to the mountaintop this weekend and contemplate something deep, like Spike and Buffy's future together.

10/18/01 Not much to say this week, still wiped out from ALC. Had a disturbing moment on the T last night when I realized that all my romantic attachments have been some sort of reflection of my very first one (maybe I've seen High Fidelity one too many times). That, and I'm drawn to those who do not have their shit together. Also, insulting someone is not the way to indicate that you think they're cute. FYI.

10/12/01 I have to work all weekend. Pity me.

10/11/01 Happy National Coming Out Day! Share the love.

10/10/01 Long weekends never feel as long as they should. Bought the latest Bob Dylan. I think I dig his old stuff more but this is still some really good shit. Keep trying to buy Deb Talan's new live disc, but I can't find it in stores near me. I may have to resort to an on-line purchase, which I frown upon generally. Saw Serendipity, starring The Man. It was exceptionally cute, good fluff to get your mind off things. What things, I'm not sure, but weighty things no doubt.

10/2/01 Obscene caller last night. Wasn't really obscene, and I didn't catch on for a *long* time. I need to get out more. At least he thought I was funny. Also, dinner with the ex. Not sure I recommend this as a course of action. Somehow, always manages to make me feel insecure/like a hooch. It's a gift. Thank god Buffy is tonight.

9/26/01 My doctor is the coolest woman alive. I called today to make an appointment because I think I'm developing a brain tumor (or a sinus infection, what you will), and I got an appointment for *tomorrow.* This is unheard of. I would tell you to switch doctors immediately and go to mine, but then I wouldn't be able to get in. So just suck up your jealousy and move on.

9/24/01 One word: Buffy.

9/23/01 Saw a pit bull puppy today. Seven weeks old. The cuteness. Could barely contain girly cooing. Gotta work on that.

9/21/01 Bought Bob Schneider's Lonelyland. Couldn't keep Teal's copy forever. Teal claims Bob is hot and "godly." I respect the musical ability but girl is from Texas so she doesn't know from godly. Bob is dating Sandra B. so maybe he's okay. You should buy this album. Aside from the dumb-ass monkey song, it pretty much kicks it from Austin and back.






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