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Tuesday, June 9    

Safe haven
I just finished reading two Haven Kimmel novels, and I have to say, I loved them. (And I'm pretty sure I have Duff to thank for turning me on to Kimmel's work, but I no longer remember the direct path that lead me to pick these two up.) I read them out of order, The Used World first, and then The Solace of Leaving Early, and I'm glad I did that, too, as Solace is clearly a first novel -- a well-written and engrossing first novel, but it shows evidence of the "let me show you how much I know" instead of "let me show you how much I know these characters," a problem not as prevalent in Used World. And perhaps because of that, I loved the characters in the Used World more, felt their heartbreak, and was engrossed in their lives. When a book is that good, it's hard to step out of that world -- which was why I stepped right into Solace. And now, I think I'll go find some more Kimmel to read.

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