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Tuesday, April 8    

Few players are lucky enough to have one, let alone two
Back to back, baby! The Lady Vols did it again, this time shutting down Stanford for the title. Candace Parker and her busted shoulder didn't have to do all the work, and for my money, Nicky Anosike was the player of the game -- hassling on defense, making steals, getting boards, and sinking shots. Plus, I just about lost it when she was crying for Vicki Baugh and her injury, and she was still playing her guts out. (Also, how bad ass was Baugh, being helped off the court all injured and shit, and still yelling at her teammates, "Let's go!" I can't wait to see more from her.) All in all, it was an awesome game, and I am sad to see this talented group of seniors go.

But in the meanwhile, I revel in victory!

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