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Thursday, May 3    

The more things change
Well, things can't stay the same forever, right? I mean, I've worked at the same place for nearly eight years. I've lived with Jen (aka the best roommate ever) for seven years, and in the same apartment for nearly five years. It's time for a change, my friends. Things I won't be doing this month include: joining Boston Blogs, sitting back and relaxing whilst planning a summer full of Cape getaways, or buying tickets to Fenway. Instead, I will packing up my things and moving to the West Coast. Yup, Seattle is now Boston West, bitches. I'll be bringing the Sox love to Safeco Field and my Masshole driving to the highways and byways of Washington.

A few As before you get to your Qs: Yes, I figured out how to watch the Sox on a daily basis before I agreed to move. (Ditto for the Pats.) Yes, I already have tickets to when the Sox visit the Mariners. No, I don't have a job yet. (I have priorities, people.) Yes, I am excited. Yes, I am scared. No, I will not start drinking coffee. No, I am not worried about the rain. No, I will not miss the snow. Yes, it is because of J.R. Feel free to blame him at will.

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