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Tuesday, September 26    

Patience, grasshopper
I'm trying to give Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip a chance. I mean, I love Aaron Sorkin. A Few Good Men? Loved it. Sports Night? Best. Sitcom. Ever. West Wing? A classic. And yet -- the thing is, if you've seen these shows, you've already seen Studio 60. Except it's not as good. Though Bradley Whitford? Love him. Matthew Perry? Also stellar. But Amanda Peet? Just a tip here, honey, but try another expression. The constant smirk is extremely annoying. Luckily, however, it is nowhere near as annoying as Harriet -- excuse me, Harry. When can we kill her off? When? Because if I'm actually going to continue watching this show, she's got to go.

And Aaron? Get your ass off the soapbox. You need to establish the characters before you start making them your mouthpiece. It's way less annoying then. The coke thing, though? That was funny.

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