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Friday, April 21    

Wake up
Tim Wakefield is one of the greatest Sox players we have. No, not because he averages 8 billion strikes a game. Or his ERA is -2.34. But because he shows up. He gets it done. And he's Tim fucking Wakefield, you ass-clowns. What the hell? You know Wakey is going to give up at least 3 runs a game. He's a knuckleballer, for chrissakes. So all you butt monkeys have to do is give him some run support, for the love of god! Sure, last night's 1 run is an improvement over Saturday's wretched 0, but it's not going to get it done, boys. Not at all. And sure, Kazmir is tough. And it turns out that Leigh brought Jeremy to the game, and he spread his Indians taint all over the field. But those are excuses, boys. Piss-poor excuses.

Now quit making Timmy (and me) cry. It's not nice. Bring the fucking bats! I mean it.

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