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Friday, February 10    

Please, can we just get to the luge?
I always enjoy the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, if only for the train wreck that is Bob Costas and the inane commentary (see summer 2004). But Bob kind of let me down tonight -- well, up until he finally commented on what we were all thinking, which was: Why the fuck was Italy playing American '70s and '80s disco/pop tunes during the parade of nations? Apparently, Bob's night would have been made had they played "Bette Davis Eyes," but alas, no. We had to be content with gems like "I Will Survive" and "YMCA." It's like Italy hired a bad wedding DJ. Luckily, they made up for it by ushering each nation in with their own Barbie cake. (Okay, after about 15 countries, I realized that the skirt was supposed to represent the mountains. Still looked like cake to me.)

Now that the spectacle is over, we can get to the real spectacle: the sports. I, for one, am looking forward to hearing a lot about the Texan speed skater. And I don't care what Pam, Jen, and the rest of the world say, I want Michelle Kwan to get the gold. If only so she won't come back again.

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