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Tuesday, August 30    

On the eighth day, she rested
People, don't fear: There is no rest for the blogger. Would I leave you without your blog of the day? Hell, no. Today's blog is Watch Out for Falling Debris. And one look at that page should tell you why: Anyone who uses the phrase "bygones" is immediately a winner in my book. And isn't that what it's all about, people? Winning? No, wait, it's all about cursing. Fuckyeah.

Seriously, though, I picked it because of paragraphs like this: "Sunday was a day of blissful catatonia for everyone. Even the typical, chronically agit street demonstrator, who make an uneasy living raising heck, hell and an armed militia over something as trivial as a stray grammatical error, stayed home, focusing their hostile energies on afternoon showbiz talk shows instead. Such was Sunday for everyone, except mine." Funny, yet deeply, deeply strange. I dig it.

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