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Sunday, August 28    

Fashion victim
For some reason, drinking sangria, mimosas, bloody Marys, and assorted other brunch-time beverages at Jen's big birthday bash and hanging out with the girls made picking today's blog so much easier. It was all so Sex in the City that Las Fashionistas had to be the blog of the day.

Why, you ask? Because it's my party now, bitches, and I'll blog what I want to. Because they are the "Lewis and Clark of keeping it real." Also, because they are funny, and they oh-so-rightly told Nicole Richie to eat a burger. They also have exquisite taste, and by that I mean, they like what I like: Jason Lee, the Gilmore Girls, and mocking yet worshipping our celebrity-based culture. Also, they hate the shrug, and I support that. (Plus, I need all the damn tips I can get.)

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