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Friday, May 13    

More kicking, less screaming
I played pick-up soccer last night. Well, really, that should read "soccer," because I have no idea how to play the damn game, which was evident to all involved (most of whom also didn't know how to play). It was fun, though, except for when I had to stop and wheeze like an asthmatic. Which was often. I made a few goals, mostly on the strength of my teammates' passes, and I made a few blocks on goal, mostly due to giving up the body. Because, yes, I am freakishly competitive and what are a few bruises compared to stopping someone else from scoring? I took a particularly well-kicked ball to the arm/chest, and I was sure I was going to have a spectacular bruise to show y'all, but no. My legs are several different shades of purple, however, and I think if this keeps up, I'm going to need shin guards. And perhaps full-body armor.

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