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Friday, February 4    

"Season-ending injury" are three of the worst words in the English language
As sports have become a large part of my daily life, I've clearly become far too attached to my teams and players, because I am just so sad to hear about Jess Deveny's injury. As BC's leading scorer (18 ppg before the Notre Dame game), she's a huge loss to the team. But aside from what this means for the rest of the Eagles' season, I'm saddened to see her last year of college play cut short -- not to mention what this means for her potential professional career. I didn't expect her to go in the first round of the WNBA draft, but with her shooting, rebounding, and sheer tenacity, I expected she'd earn a spot on a team, much like Jacobs did last year. Dude, this sucks. Sometimes I hate being a sports fan.

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