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Saturday, February 5    

Nobody loves you when you're down and out
You know when you're kinda depressed and the world seems black and bleak and generally pointless? Yeah, well, I felt that way after watching BC lose to St. John's today. It wasn't so much that we lost (though I hate that), it was that the whole team just looked lost. Like their puppy died. Or their mom abandoned them at the store. It was so painful. I couldn't even be mad at them for how badly they played.

I slunk into my room when I got home and attempted to revive my spirits with a bad movie. It didn't really work. When the main character was down and out, she pulled out Carly Simon. When I'm down and out, I turn to Olivia Newton-John. But she couldn't work her magic this time, so I had to pull out the big guns. Yup, my secret stash of sports porn. I watched my tape of BC beating UConn during last year's Big East tournament. And it made me happy (when it wasn't making me sad watching Jess sink shot after shot). I may have to re-watch the Sox beating the Yankees and winning the Series to pull out of this funk.

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