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Monday, July 19    

Give me something to break
Perhaps doing a little light home improvement isn't everyone's idea of a good vacation activity, but I'm having a lot of fun. Yesterday, my dad let me use the good crowbar, the hammer, and some creative swearing to tear down a wall unit in his latest project. Who knew breaking shit was so much fun? (Okay, I knew it. But no one ever lets me use the good crowbar.)
Today, I stripped an entire room of its ugly-ass pear wallpaper. Also a good time. Tomorrow, I get to paint. I really think I should chuck it all and become a handy woman. Because I look so cute all sweaty and covered in sawdust.
In other exciting Jen Garrett vacation news, I went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (T-shirt? Check.), a Reds game (we lost, dammit), and my family reunion. I've also obtained the precious Barq's red creme soda and enjoyed a wonderful 5-way. Life is good, although I was a little disturbed to find that Blogger had changed the posting interface while I wasn't looking. What the hell, people. I'm only on vacation for two weeks.

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