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Tuesday, May 4    

Full disclosure
I am a godless bisexual feminist, a pro-choice, bleeding-heart liberal, straight-Democratic-ticket-voting party-liner, a meat-eating, Dew-loving, 'rita-swilling, blog-whoring, introspective, introverted, narcissistic, sarcastic total bad-ass softie. I cry at the national anthem and at cheesy movies, and, sometimes, at sporting events, when my team shows up BIG, well, I get misty then too. I can't stand the heat, so I stay out of the South, except I love their writers and Texas (even though I've never been). I'll watch TV given the chance to do almost anything else, I'd eat out rather than cook, and I'd live in my jeans if possible. I dig peace but recognize the necessity of war. I love the Sox and the Patriots and women's basketball -- BC trumps all, but after that I take Pat Summit and Tennessee any day because that woman is FIERCE. I'll listen to anything including but not limited to Eminem and Tool and Barbra Streisand and Billy Joel and Bob Dylan and Rob Zombie, but classical or opera kills me. I hate that I don't like math, but I can't understand the concept of a plane no matter how hard I try. I love gays, homos, fags, and dykes -- but bitches most of all, because they are my people. I give money to the American Diabetes Association, and the Jimmy Fund, and AIDS Action, and Wellesley, and sometimes random people on the street. I often think that the thing I most need to do in this world is just SHUT THE FUCK UP but when I do everyone wants to know what's wrong. Everything is wrong, most of all me most of the time, but I am searching for the one thing that makes it all click, and when I find it, I'll let you know.

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