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Sunday, March 28    

Parting shot
BC lost to Minnesota this afternoon, ending their season with a 27-7 record, a second trip to the Sweet 16, and the Big East title. What a great season for the Eagles -- their record is the best ever in the women's program and it is also the program's first Big East title. "I don't think anybody expected us to have the success that we did, and to be able to lead this team to a Big East championship and on to the Sweet 16 has been an incredible experience I'll never forget,'' senior co-captain Amber Jacobs said.

It's a funny thing about college sports -- it's all so fleeting. I suppose it's what makes March Madness so very maddening. Each year, the roster changes, the team changes, and you get something new to love, something old to miss. BC will have a tough time replacing Jacobs, and I can only hope someone in the WNBA will be smart enough to snap her up in the draft. BC also loses Maureen Leahy, an important role player for this team.

Luckily, I can look forward to seeing Clare Droesch and Jessalyn Deveny lead the team in the fall, and I can't wait to see how Kathrin Ress develops (as well as Brooke Queenan and Aja Parham, who just keep getting better).

Thanks for such a wild, fun ride (especially the part where you beat UConn). Same time next year?

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