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Wednesday, January 21    

Ms. Garrett goes to Washington
Actually, I didn't. I'm a good citizen and I vote, and normally, I listen to important speeches from the POTUS. But I just couldn't listen to that man spout a lot of bullshit and expect us to believe it. Rather than listen to the idiot give his twisted version of the state of our union, I watched Mr. Deeds Goes to Town. In general, I like Capra -- It Happened One Night is one of the Best Movies Ever. However, let's not speak of It's a Wonderful Life. (I just hate it, alright? Don't try to convince me otherwise. It is not a wonderful life -- it's a shitty, horrible, rotten life and then you die, okay? Also, Donna Reed just irritates me.) I was pleased to find that this Mr. Deeds was actually interesting, sweet, and funny. And when Gary Cooper finds out that the woman he loves has been lying to him -- I was done for. I'm going to rent a bunch of Cooper classics and call it a life.

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